The secret to effortless entertaining

Discover the secret weapon that will level up your entertaining abilities.
Photography: Will Horner / Styling: Nonci Nyoni

There’s a secret space revolutionising the way homeowners entertain, aiding an air of relaxation and composure that’s impossible to fake when you’re hosting loved ones. Enter the party cupboard. This is an area dedicated to storing everything you need to throw a fabulous event at home, from tableware to glassware, vases and alcohol.

The size of your party cupboard will depend on how much real estate you have to spare. It can be as small as a sideboard, as big as a cellar and anything in between. It all depends on your lifestyle.

Combine Gatsby glamour with modern sensibilities for an elegant evening. Don’t forget bold pops of colour and sculptural silhouettes. Let the Champagne flow! (Credit: Photography: Will Horner / Styling: Nonci Nyoni)

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These cupboards can make a huge difference in lessening the stress you experience during party prep. Instead of rummaging through cabinets all over the house, grabbing candlesticks from one area and glassware from another, a party cupboard ensures that everything you need will be in one location. 

Patinated vintage pieces and natural textures create a homely look that is simple and understated. (Credit: Photography: Will Horner / Styling: Nonci Nyoni )

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Napkins and tablecloths can be folded and stacked or strung up on trouser hangers. Items can be hidden away from view in a private area, similar to a butler’s pantry, or shown off on styled open shelves. The trick is to complement your home.

Journey down the rabbit hole into a land of refined taste. Combine sweet prints with ornate glassware and dainty ceramics. You’ll be tickled pink! (Credit: Photography: Will Horner / Styling: Nonci Nyoni )

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Here, we’ve put together cupboards to suit four gorgeous styles and occasions, from glamorous soirées dripping with elegance to relaxed gatherings that exude effortless taste. Just remember to have fun. After all, it’s your party – and you can store if you want to.

We’ve got the perfect recipe for a celebratory bash. Mix together gold accents, sapphire hues and fresh garnishes for a look that will go down a treat. (Credit: Photography: Will Horner / Styling: Nonci Nyoni)

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