Add these ingredients for a dreamy Hamptons interior

Bringing New York costal elegance to our shores

Hamptons-style homes are a favourite in Australia for many reasons: but most importantly it’s because they work. From comfy furniture to a sophisticated colour palette, here are all the ingredients you need for a dreamy Hamptons interior. 

1. Paint the town white

Crisp white walls will instantly make your home feel lighter, airier and more spacious. That said, choosing the right white can be tricky, so make sure you carry out tests on the walls and be sure to look at the colour during different times of the day under various lighting.

2. Panelling

Timber-style panelled lining brings the classic Hamptons style to the interior of your home. James Hardie HardieGroove linings is a builder-friendly, hard-wearing internal wall sheet with grooves every 10cm to create the look of painted vertical joint timber, without the hassles of timber. The HardieGroove is a fabulous option that looks great and is perfect for high-traffic areas that are prone to wear and tear, as well as kitchens and laundries where humidity can be high.

Timber-style panelling is essential to the Hamptons look
(Credit: James Hardie)

3. Accessorise!

Your accessories play an essential role in pulling this look together. Remember your colour palette and work it into your styling. What you put on your coffee table is just as important as what’s on your walls. For example, ceramic pieces and serving trays are a popular choice. Additionally, layer your floorboards with rugs made from natural fibres like jute or sisal for texture.

4. Layered lighting

Natural lighting is imperative for bringing the lavish look together. However, when it comes to artificial lighting, work from the ground up and layer a mixture of floor and table lamps, and hanging pendant lights to create a sophisticated atmosphere. Plantation shutters are an essential addition for controlling light and temperature. 

5. Soft fabrics

Natural fibres are a must in Australian Hamptons-style homes. They keep you cool in summer and warm in winter, plus they look good. Although whitewashed linens will never go out of style, don’t be afraid to mix and match different fibres for added texture. Bamboo blends are fast becoming a popular choice. Gingham and pinstripe patterns in blues and greens work well too.

Soft, fresh linens will never go out of style
(Credit: Getty)

6. Comfy seating

Make sure you have seating and plenty of it. Comfort is vital, and a large and inviting linen lounge with oversized cushions is a must. The cushions are where you can start to play with colour, patterns and florals. Pair your couch with cane chairs and soft-cushioned seating; tan leather ottomans and timber coffee and side tables add another dimension to the living room. Your only problem will be getting people to leave.

7. Greenery

Large indoor plants bring the coastal style into your living room. For the non-green thumbs, make sure you do your research on how to care for your new plant baby. A fiddle leaf fig is an attractive option for filling dead space in a corner, and a small pot of rosemary is almost impossible to kill. Continue the coastal vibe into the bathrooms with hanging plants. Just make sure that all of your pots are the same colour.

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