The best interior colours for winter 2019

The best colours for paint, homewares and accessories
Chris Warnes

It’s easy to get caught up in the winter blues when the mercury starts to drop. However, never underestimate the power a beautiful home can have on your wellbeing. Beautiful colours, plush fabrics and pretty homewares can brighten up the greyest of days, and make you feel happy and snug – instead grumpy and cold!

If you’re ready to give your home a winter makeover, remember that the ‘colourphobia’ of years past seems to have receded, and homes saturated with colour are the interior trend du jour.

These are the colours you should be decorating with for winter 2019.

Although terracotta has always been a rather fashionable hue, terracotta is particularly suitable for winter as it emits feelings of warmth and texture.

2. Rich Pinks

Since Millennial Pink hit the interior scene years ago, the versatile colour has been reimagined to suit every season and taste. This winter, choose dusty shades of pink that are rich with muted colour, rather than the pastel tone we’ve come to see everywhere.

3. Every shade of green

Green has found popularity once again, and every shade from forest green to muted olive is ripe for the picking.

4. Big, bold coral

This one isn’t for the feint hearted. Pantone announced Living Coral as the colour of the year, but it can be tricky to decorate with. Go big or go home with Coral, and splash it across the walls, the furniture, floors and bedding.

5. Go grey 

Although it may feel counter-intuitive to decorate your home with grey during winter, this versatile shade will make you feel calm and comfortable. Combine an inky charcoal with a dove grey for tonal effect, and finish with touches of timber.

6. Dramatic black

For those who love a dramatic room, you can’t go past black. When used thoughtfully, black can add depth, character and drama to a room, without feeling gothic at all.


This article originally appeared on Better Homes and Gardens.

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