Outdoor heaters to help you make the most of your outdoor patio during winter

Sun-like warmth in the thick of winter? Count us in.
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Enjoying the fresh air in your outdoor garden or patio is one of life’s simple pleasures – especially on a balmy summer evening. However, as the nights become longer and the temperatures are cooler in winter, we find ourselves deprived of enjoying our outdoor living areas.

So, what if we told you that you could enjoy your outdoor patio or garden, even in winter? 

It’s not rocket science – all you need is a high-quality outdoor heater (plus a few citronella candles) and you’ll be toasty warm, outside.

There are many heating options when it comes to the outdoors – from electric outdoor heaters and gas heaters to outdoor fireplaces. If you’ve already chosen your outdoor firepit and you’re looking for a slightly more portable addition to your outdoor area, then you’ll want to figure out whether to opt for an electric or a gas heater.

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Should I buy an electric outdoor heater or a gas outdoor heater?

When deciding between an outdoor electric heater and an outdoor gas heater, it’s important to consider factors such as safety, amount of heat output, and portability. 

An electric heater is considered a safer option as there are no flammable fuels in comparison to gas heaters. Maintenance of an outdoor gas heater is also higher as storing and handling propane or natural gas cylinders is involved which can be inconvenient for some. 

However, outdoor gas heaters generally generate more heat and can warm up larger outdoor areas quicker and more effectively. Further, gas heaters are more portable as it does not require a power outlet. 

If finding a power outlet in your outdoor space isn’t an issue, and electric heater may be a better option. Electric heaters are easy to operate with simple on/off switches or controls.

What are the best outdoor heaters to buy in Australia?

Nonetheless, an outdoor gas heater or an outdoor electric heater are both great heating options that are worth considering. And, if you want to make your outdoor space winter-ready, below, we’ve curated the best outdoor heaters that are on the market right now, in Australia.

The best outdoor heaters Australia 2023


Bromic Tungsten Smart Heat portable LPG heater, $1824, Appliances Online

With its innovative anti-tilt design, this portable gas heater is perfect for long nights relaxing under the stars. Plus, with its sleek black finish, it’ll look great in most modern homes.



Goldair outdoor radiant heater with wifi, $179, The Good Guys

With wifi, Amazon Alexa and Google Home compatibility, this outdoor electric heater by Goldair is a smart home must-have. Simply control the temperature via the Goldair app and sit back, relax, and enjoy.



Devanti outdoor patio gas heater, $198.99, Kogan

Get sun-like warmth on a chilly winter afternoon with the Devanti outdoor patio heater. Its 13.5kW Enders Eco-Plus (EEP) burner technology emits the same amount of heat as a conventional 12000W electric patio heater, consuming 30 per cent less gas and emitting 30 per cent less carbon dioxide. So, if you’re looking for a cost-effective and eco-friendly outdoor heating option, this is it.



Gasmate 9kg gas patio heater, $219, Kogan

Snuggle up with a hot cup of tea and a nighttime read while still enjoying your outdoor living area with the help of this gas patio heater by Gasmate. Its direct ignition feature makes this model super easy to use and its safety tip-over switch is a thoughtful safety feature for peace of mind. 



Living Zen Volcano Hotto outdoor infrared heater, $249, Temple & Webster

Heat up every nook and cranny with this 360° omnidirectional electric heater by Living Zen. Its lightweight design makes it easy to manoeuvre to wherever you need extra warmth. Plus, with tip-over safety protection included, this heater is a versatile option to use both indoors and outdoors.



Heatstrip classic radiant electric heater, $549, Temple & Webster

If you have the capacity to install an electric heater above your patio, then this one from Heatstrip will do the trick. High-quality, stylish and slimline, this electric outdoor heater is perfect for alfresco dining areas.


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