Calming paint colours for a soothing space

Inspired by nature, the new season paint colours are warm, inviting and earthy.
Brigid Arnott

It’s fair to say that some colours may look beautiful on paper and fabric, but appear quite the opposite on the wall of your bedroom. You spend the majority of your life at home – even if it’s mostly sleeping – so it makes total sense to make it as peaceful as possible, and the best way to do that is to bring the outdoors in – especially a natural palette.

So be inspired by nature, because the new season paint colours are warm, inviting, earthy, and soul-soothing. These three calming hues will create tranquil interiors and a home that evokes rest and relaxation.

Large ‘SOH’ bowl by Peter Anderson, $120, The DEA Store. Flared dinner plate in Mist, $53, Mud Australia. Pepper mill in Chrome, $145, The DEA Store. ‘Proppmatt’ chopping board, $5, Ikea (in eggshell acrylic paint in Tea of China, $130/4L, Porter’s Paints). Small plate, stylist’s own. ‘Sugarpill’ vase in Soft Aqua by Thomas Yeend, $250, Jardan.

teal greens

Dusty teal greens reminiscent of eucalyptus are a soft yet bold option and feel as calm as they do uplifting.

  • Low sheen wall paint in Inner Self, $79/4L,

  • Tint, $130/4L, Porter’s Paints.

  • Advanced low sheen paint in Rhino, $71.90/4L, Wattyl.

Ikea ‘Ilsbo’ pendant, $19.99, painted in eggshell acrylic paint in Dusty Mule, $130/4L, Porter’s Paints. ‘Tommy’ dining chair in Autumn, $395, ‘Mason’ dining table, $3685, both Globe West. Pedestal bowl in White, $348*/large, Tina Frey Designs. ‘Desert’ drip bowl, $54, Open Objects. Natalie Rosen ‘Wave’ vase in Eucalyptus, Jardan. Japanese crumple pedestal glass, $109, The DEA Store. Napkin, stylist’s own.

earthy clay

Earthy autumn and clay hues sit beautifully beside neutral ceramics and timber for a layered, warm palette.

  • Eggshell acrylic paint in Drumbeat, Porter’s Paints

  • Eggshell acrylic paint in Grey Pepper, Porter’s Paints

  • Advanced low sheen paint in Forest Lodge, Wattyl

  • Advanced low sheen paint in Lace Cream, Wattyl

  • Advanced low sheen paint in Creamy Coffee, Wattyl

  • Low sheen paint in Puritan Beige, Haymes Paints

  • Low sheen paint in Vivid White, Dulux

Incense holder, $38, Open Studio. I.D, Small ‘SOH’ bowl by Peter Anderson, $26.50, The DEA Store. I.D, Dice and ruler, stylist’s own.

khaki green

Khaki greens are eternally classic & form a divine match with natural elements.

  • Wash & Wear paint in Ecology Green, Dulux

  • Eggshell acrylic paint in Triple Strength Rubble, Porter’s Paints

  • Matt emulsion paint in Battle, Graham & Brown

  • Low sheen paint in Leek Leaf, Haymes Paints

‘Elle’ block square side table in Desert Marble, $1790, Globe West. Dish, stylist’s own, try Splendid Wren Ceramics. Blue vase, seek similar with the ‘Adriatic’ glass vase in Blue, $44.95/tall, Madras Link. ‘AJP’ limited-edition wool rug, $3299, ‘Frank’ chair in Brown, $899, both McMullin & Co.

‘Ivan’ ramekin in Dove Green, $34, Jardan.

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