5 paint colours that are surprisingly calming

These calming colours are inviting and earthy.
Photography: Anne Stroud | Styling: Jane Goodall

It’s fair to say that some colours may look beautiful on paper and fabric, but appear quite the opposite on the wall of your bedroom. You spend the majority of your life at home – even if it’s mostly sleeping – so it makes total sense to make it as peaceful as possible, and the best way to do that is to bring the outdoors in – especially a natural palette.

So be inspired by nature, because the new season paint colours are warm, inviting, earthy, and soul-soothing. These calming hues will create tranquil interiors and a home that evokes rest and relaxation.

1. Teal green

Dusty teal greens reminiscent of eucalyptus are a soft yet bold option and feel both calm and uplifting.

Highlights of teal add serenity to this bedroom at a holiday home on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. The shade used is Dulux Lake Shore. (Photography: Sue Stubbs | Styling: Samantha Torrisi)
  • Pool green – Haymes Paint
  • Lake Green – Dulux
  • Coast to Coast – Tint Paint
  • Mediterranean Teal – Benjamin Moore
Best calming teal green paint colours

2. Earthy clay

Earthy autumn and clay hues sit beautifully beside neutral ceramics and timber for a layered, warm palette.

art deco bedroom dulux camel walls
A warm and inviting bedroom in an Art-Deco inspired home painted in Dulux Camel Hide. (Credit: Photography: Anne Stroud / Styling: Jane Goodall)
  • Drumbeat – Porter’s Paints
  • Camel Hide- Dulux
  • Onionskin – Haymes Paint
  • Clay Beige – Benjamin Moore
  • Pastry Parlour – British Paints
  • Creamy Coffee – Wattyl
Best calming earthy clay paint colours

3. Khaki green

Khaki greens are eternally classic and form a divine match with natural elements.

(Credit: Bauewerk Colour)
  • Kakadu Dream – Wattyl
  • Green Spruce – Dulux
  • Green Frost – Dulux
  • Olive Grove – Porter’s Paints
  • General – Bauwerk Paints x Lynda Gardener
  • Leek Leaf – Haymes Paints
Best calming khaki green paint colours

4. Black blue

While light blue is a go-to calming shade, sometimes you want the kind of colour that can make you feel wrapped up, cocooned and secure. Black blue, like the name suggests, is a navy blue so deep it’s almost black.

Interior designer Melinda Hartwright opted for a deep blue shade (similar to Dulux Stream) when styling her cosy living room. (Credit: Photography: Abbie Melle | Styling: Lisa Burden)
  • Stream – Dulux
  • Black Blue No. 95 – Farrow and Ball
  • Elegant Evening – Taubmans
  • Obsidian – Porters Paints
  • Whale Watching – Porters Paints
  • Midnight Blue – Haymes Paint
Best calming blue black paint colours

5. Warm brown

Brown may have fallen out of favour for a decade or two, but it’s back with a vengeance. Opt for warm, chocolate and coffee shades that feel just like a big hug.

  • Aubusson – Porters Paints
  • Segment – Haymes Paints
  • Chocolate souffle – Dulux
  • Coffee Dust – Dulux
  • Earl Grey – Taubmans
Best calming warm brown paint colours

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