Choosing a vision and sticking to it

Frank and Aimee Tarulli talk us through the planning process for their dream home
James Geer

Throughout the planning of a home, it’s natural to fall in love over and over again with all the possibilities that could become tangible. More so, when you spend your professional and married lives in an interior stylist/builder dream team at the nexus of house design (Thomas Archer Homes). Aimee and Frank Tarulli are that couple. As they plan their next family home, the Tarullis have the world of style at their feet. The question then is how they stick to one vision when creativity and talent are limitless?


Here are their best tips.

1. Know your non-negotiables

Consider what you really need. This might be your ideal number of bedrooms and bathrooms or the requirement for a living area that flows to the backyard. For Aimee and Frank the priority is colours, texture and a limit on plain white walls. “I just want interest as you walk through the house,” says Aimee. “I want to take someone on a journey as they walk through the house.”

2. Know your home’s purpose

As parents to two-year-old Rosie and four-year-old Leo, Aimee and Frank’s home will have to function as a family hub. “This will be the primary school house,” says Aimee who is planning the space to accommodate sleep overs and birthday parties through until the kids hit their teens. “It was really important to make sure we are designing spaces that not only suit them as toddlers but also as young teenagers,” she adds.

3. Decide on design style

Embrace a state of serial monogamy in design – committing to one style for one project and banking other interests for future homes. “When putting a look or theme together you need to continue it through,” says Frank. Aimee believes this steadfastness should sweep through every element chosen for a house, from the window furnishings to the styling and light fittings. As for the next style to catch this couple’s eye, Aimee laughs, “We’ll save that for the beach house.” Online mortgage calculators like this one from Qudos Bank, are a really simple tool when trying to figure out financing.

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