House Rules 2020 is back

New rules, new challenges!

The pressure is huge – and so is the confidence, as eight new teams battle it out for the chance to win House Rules: High Stakes and have their own homes renovated along the way.

No part of Australia does glamour better than Queensland’s Gold Coast – making it the ideal location to launch the new season of House Rules.

In 2020 the stakes are even higher and the pressure is on – not least because not all of the eight teams will have their homes renovated.

The first episode in House Rules: High Stakes aired on the Seven Network last night and as soon as host Jamie Durie stepped out of the helicopter on the top of a classic Gold Coast tower, it was clear things are going to be different this year.

This episode introduced the new contestants to the biggest challenge in House Rules history: the transformation of a penthouse of a towering 32-storey apartment building on the Gold Coast.

And that’s not all. This first renovation will be a decider as to which two teams will be sent home before the show moves onto renovating each of the contestants’ houses. Oh the drama!

Joining judge Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen is interior designer Kyly Clarke and builder Saul Myers. Now in his third season of House Rules, Laurence says this season has him excited about the potential yet to come from the show.

House Rules
(Credit: House Rules 2020)

Bigger and better

“The stakes are much higher – as we’re very fond of saying in the promos,” observes Laurence. “The rooms are bigger, the challenges are far, far greater. The bar is basically much higher. And this has led to what I think is a very, very glossy series.

“There’s something very energetic about it. And I have to say the contestants this year are absolutely amazing.”

Still evoking the remnants of its original 1970s glamour, the penthouse had clearly seen better days and was ripe for a makeover. Working to five House Rules, the teams immediately started on recreating some glitz and sparkle in the old girl to take advantage of her spectacular location and views.

The House Rules
1. Create a Miami Beach Penthouse
2. Embrace the sexy curves and views
3. Impress with Gelato Colours
4. Size matters in the Kitchen
5. Add luxury and glamour in the master suite

House Rules
(Credit: House Rules)

The teams again will be mentored by interior designer Carolyn Burns-McCrave, who will be popping by the builds during the week to help, advise and steer the newbies onto the right track.

Our pick of the best reno? Kimmy & Rhi’s living space captures Miami in all the best ways, although we can’t help but be blown away by the fact that mother and son team Lenore and Bradley tackle a pool – the first for House Rules! It takes the idea of being thrown in at the deep end to a whole new level.

Just to recap, the eight teams vying for the 2020 crown are:

Queensland: Tamara & Rhys
Western Australia: Tanya & Dave
Victoria: Susan & Anthony
NSW: Laith & George
Victoria: Kayne & Aimee
NSW: Lenore & Bradley
Tasmania: Kimmy & Rhi
Queensland: Carly & Andrew

Hold onto your (hard) hats! It’s going to be big this year!

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