Our guide to creating an urban jungle inside your own home

Surround yourself with nature on the inside

Studies have shown that mental health takes a big boost when we spend as little as 30 minutes a day in nature. ‘Forest therapy’ and nature walks are being included in mental health plans as a way to reduce stress levels, lower blood pressure and create calm in the mind.

Whilst we all try to make room regular outdoor activities happen in our lives, it isn’t always possible every day. We think the next best thing to getting outside in nature is to bring nature inside to you!

More than therapy for the mind and soul turn to nature when decorating your interiors too. Choosing plants for their burst of vibrant green, sheer decorative shapes and varying textures can work beautifully with other forms and finishes elsewhere in the space – timber shelving and tables, leather sofas and armchairs, industrial metals with the patina of age.

Muk Van Lil
(Credit: Muk Van Lil)

Here’s how to bring nature to you, from the moment you wake up in bed…

  • Breathe life into corners and crevices with regular bursts of potted plant life
  • Build layers of interest with texture and form
  • Assemble a group of harmonious pots and vessels to house your plants where the containers speak to your décor
  • Be bold with statement specimens and look-at-me leaf forms
  • Select pots to measure 1/3, and the plant itself forming 2/3 of the overall size
  • Include a variety of high-maintenance and hardy plants – peace lilies look lush, are difficult to kill, and their wilting leaves prompt watering for other plants
  • Steal single leaves for table centres and bedside bud vases
Muk Van Lil
(Credit: Muk Van Lil)

Care for your plants – the gentle, meditative act of wipe the lush leaves of a green friend does wonder to calm the mind and feed the soul. Plants don’t ask for anything of you but reward you tenfold with lush fronds and glossy leaves when you care for them well. There are few things more satisfying than a new leaf forming on the end of a much-loved plant.

Take your time to choose plants – select shapes and forms that mean something to you and that you feel suit your space aesthetically.

Be prepared for some failures. As you collect more plants, your routine of upkeep to your green buddies will become more consistent and reap great rewards.

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