These waterproof picnic rugs will be your most-reached-for item this summer 

Summer picnics are back on the calendar.
Image: Pillow Talk
Pillow Talk

Mini club sandwiches, fresh fruit, a homemade charcuterie board, and a beverage (or two) go hand-in-hand with a summer picnic. When it comes to eating and drinking on your next summer picnic, finding a rug or mat to lay the foundation that is easy to transport from a to b, as well as being easy to clean up and maintain, will make a world of difference. 

Not all picnic mats are created equal – the humble picnic mat has many variations. Some are made from cotton and lean more like a large beach towel, while others feature waterproof or water-repellant properties for ease of use. And it is the latter that we’ll shine a spotlight on. 

What makes a picnic rug waterproof or water-repellent?

A picnic rug is waterproof or water-repellent mostly due to the material it is constructed from. Fabrics like nylon, polyester, or specialised waterproof fabrics are often used for waterproof picnic rugs and mats. 

Some picnic rugs can be treated with a water-repellent coating. This coating doesn’t make the rug completely waterproof. However, this is often good enough for light spills or messes that may occur during picnics. 

The best water-repellent and waterproof picnic rugs in Australia 2023

Ready to upgrade your next picnic experience? Here, we’ve picked out the best waterproof and water-repellent picnic rugs to shop in Australia this year.


Marseille picnic rug, The Somewhere Co


Your next outdoor picnic is about to get a whole lot more stylish. This large picnic rug from The Somewhere Co features a soft, velvety fabric for comfort, faux leather accents, and a waterproof backing. With a simple but impactful grid pattern, you’ll set the scene nicely with this choice.


Basil Bangs The Weekend rug, THE ICONIC


Lightweight and practical, this picnic rug from Basil Bang features a wavy-edged detail and a bold kit-kat tile pattern, making it an excellent choice for the style-obsessed. Plus, its waterproof backing and spill-proof canvas make it a practical choice.


Basil Bangs Love rug, THE ICONIC


Add something a bit different to your picnic rug collection with this rounded black gingham mat from Basil Bangs. Use it as a playmat for your baby or as a picnic mat or beach rug – the choice is yours. Crafted from a water-repellent outdoor fabric that ensures spilt drinks or food can be easily cleaned with a simple wipe. Plus, its waterproof backing ensures you stay dry, too.


Emro Designs Yugari Pipi picnic rug, THE ICONIC


Crafted from 100 per cent polyester canvas fabric, this picnic rug from Emro Designs is water-resistant and spillproof. Plus, after a long beach day, you can simply throw it into your washing machine for easy maintenance. It features a gorgeous design titled ‘Yungari’ Pipi by Bundjalung artist Holly Sanders.


Hepburn gingham picnic mat, Pillow Talk


Don’t let damp grass dampen your mood with this picnic mat from Pillow Talk. With a water-resistant backing, you’ll stay dry all picnic long. Comes with a self-fastening strap for easy transport, this picnic mat is a beach tote essential. 


Azure Palm large picnic mat, Pillow Talk


Transport to tropical climates far, far away with the Azure Palm picnic mat from Pillow Talk. As it folds up easily, you’ll want to bring this mat everywhere you go this season. Plus, it has a water-resistant backing so that you can stay dry, too. 


Sorrento Citrus picnic rug, The Somewhere Co


This stylish picnic rug from The Somewhere Co is a non-negotiable for us this summer. Featuring a bright citrus pattern that will never fail to brighten up anyone’s day, we’re adding this to cart, immediately. Made from fleece with a waterproof lining underneath. 

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