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A sneak peek inside Meghan Markle’s home life

Where Prince Harry calls home in Toronto

While we’re still recovering from Meghan and Prince Harry’s very public first kiss, we thought we’d take a closer look inside her Toronto home. Turns out she’s as stylish at home as she is in real life.




Meghan shows she has great taste in art and home decor with a covetable Gray Malin photographic print – of Coogee Beach – on her living room wall. We can also spot a luxe marble top round table, a gold faceted terrarium and a cowhide rug. (We’re also impressed that she’s managed to keep her fiddle leaf fig alive!)


An antique dark green trunk doubles as storage and a stylish coffee table, while Meghan’s gorgeous rescue dogs sit on top of an on-trend beige and white cowhide rug. 


In this pic, Meghan anchors her flowers and book with a large rattan tray on her vintage trunk coffee table. 


Peonies are Meghan’s favourite flower. We love how she’s styled her table with a soft fur throw over the dining room chair. We can also spot a quirky artwork featuring a bear on her wall.  


White bed linen and a beige throw set the scene in Meghan’s guest room. A sensual nude figure artwork by New York artist Inslee Fariss presides over the bed.


Meghan colour-codes her books! We love how she’s perched a potted succulent on top of each pile. That plush white carpet must be high-maintenance with two dogs! 


Meghan obviously loves her luxury scented candles. A sophisticated Le Labo Santal 26 is her bedroom candle of choice, which is described as having a smokey, leathery scent. We’ve also spotted candles by Diptyque and Kit and Ace throughout her home. 


Shoe collection goals! It looks like Meghan prefers heels over flats.


A striped Turkish towel by Pamuk & Co makes a stylish (and practical) throw rug for her dogs. Love that plant in the background? It’s a strelitzia!

How to get Meghan Markle's home look

1. The Michelle – Champagne Turkish towel throw, Pamuk & Co. 

2. Coogee Beach horizontal print, Gray Malin. 

3. The Kinfolk Table, Booktopia. 

4. Diptyque Figuier candle, Mecca. 

5. Sphere glass terrarium, Amazon. 

6. Natural cowhide rug, Zanui.

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