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A tour of Annie Sloan’s French country farmhouse

The ultimate in rustic chic

Paint expert Annie Sloan’s farmhouse in the French countryside is both charming and eclectic.

And while her home in Oxford, UK is elegant, Annie has chosen a laid-back feel for the countryside home she shares with her husband David.

The couple bought the house 30 years ago and have developed and updated it to suit their growing extended family.

Annie Sloan
Annie Sloan

“I stencilled the walls in the dining room a long time ago using stencils found in a shop in France. I kept overlaying them fully and partly in several different colours until I was happy with the look. The Breton chairs are painted in toning colours that work well together.”

Annie Sloan

The farmhouse was built in 1776 and was livable, but only just – it originally had chickens living upstairs. “It’s not a grand house, so I wanted to bring out its original charm,” Annie explains.

Annie Sloan
After installing a new sitting room ceiling, Annie painted it using Chalk Paint in Louis Blue with Duck Egg Blue beams to blend the old and new wood.
Annie Sloan
In the master bedroom the bed is painted with Chalk Paint in Antibes Green.

Annie likes to source furniture from her home from local markets and vendors.

“I don’t believe it’s necessary to spend a lot of money on furniture,” she says. 

“In France, I search for local vide-greniers – which literally means ’empty your attic.’ They are like street markets in little villages.”

Annie Sloan
This chest is decorated with wording from the first line of James Joyce’ Ulysses. It was originally bought to house paints and brushes.
Annie Sloan
The bathroom was transformed using reclaimed doors, shutters, panels and a fireplace, which Annie sourced from little shops and markets around France.

“The house is incredibly unpretentious. The area isn’t touristy – the food is all cider, apples, pork and cream – so it’s a casual retreat.”

Annie Sloan
Annie Sloan
This clean, crisp guest bedroom features curtains made from an antique monogrammed French linen bedsheet.
Annie Sloan
Annie’s country home is the focus for family gatherings, which includes her three grandchildren.
Annie Sloan
(Credit: Annie Sloan)

Photography: Bénédicte Ausset Drummond & Christopher Drake. Words: Judith Wilson.

For more information about Annie Sloan products, visit anniesloan.com

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