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Before and after: A stunning Hamptons renovation

A Sydney home gets a complete make-over

After ten years of living in a dated home, it was time for this family to take their house from the worst in the street to the most charming, say goodbye to the peach colour scheme that appeared throughout the entire home and head to the Hamptons – in Sydney.

With water views from their top balcony, the owners felt the Hamptons style really suited the area, and they loved the idea of banishing the brick exterior to create a light, fresh coastal feel for their home.

Although they considered moving or knocking down their home, they say they were blessed with a good foundation and settled for a full home renovation – including replacing the peach shades with blues, greys and a lot of white.

The design process was relativity quick, and it took five months to complete the renovation. The family even chose to stay in their home during the works.

This family gave their dated home a complete Hamptons make-over
The facade before the renovations (Credit: James Hardie)

All of the old cladding was removed from the outside of the house and, rather than render the bricks, was replaced with weatherboards. James Hardie weatherboards are an attractive yet practical choice as they won’t rot, shrink, swell or get eaten by termites, which can happen with timber.

The roof was redone entirely, and gables were installed. The front door was initially accessed from the upper deck via a set of concrete stairs. These were demolished, and the entrance relocated downstairs.

Out the back, the garden bed was removed entirely and a hardwood deck put in its place. A pergola was added and fitted with three skylights to ensure plenty of light was still able to get in.

Weatherboards are an essential ingredient to the Hamptons style
(Credit: James Hardie)

Like the rest of the house, the bathroom was peach all over and out of style. The owners went with a clean, basic white tile on the wall and grey on the floor.

Inside, walls were knocked down to make way for an open-plan living and kitchen area. Twenty-six new aluminium windows were added to allow as much natural light as possible, a key element of the Hamptons style. A new sliding door was added to connect the interior with the new outdoor entertaining area.

For the floors, the family chose a floating bamboo floor – a robust and durable choice that is perfect for this family as they are planning on getting a dog.

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