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Behind the scenes at Buckingham Palace

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Buckingham Palace
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The royal family have released footage taken inside Buckingham Palace for a never-before-seen glimpse into what it takes to get food on the table in the United Kingdom’s wealthiest household.

Like every other family in the world, meal times for their royal highnesses can be challenging for the sheer logistics of getting a meal from the kitchen to the dining room, albeit on a somewhat larger scale. 

Families living in heritage homes can possibly relate then to the idiosyncrasies of an timeworn residence – old and inconveniently situated lifts for example, make the journey difficult for palace staff to negotiate the long journey from the kitchens to the Palace’s Chinese Drawing Room used for functions.

Currently, the route is travelled through the principal corridor to the State Rooms but proposed renovations will install new and larger lifts that go straight from the basement to the level that houses the State Rooms.

Buckingham Palace opens its doors annually to visitors during summer, with tours of the State Rooms and Gardens. The video has been released to show the ‘Point Cloud’ mapping process in place to document and measure every inch of the Palace, ahead of the renovations that will help make this and future improvements implemented, “to make it more accessible and to function better,” say the architects behind the changes.

Perhaps solving the issue of a functioning work triangle in your own kitchen looks a little simpler now? 

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