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Four unique homes you can stay in

These spaces certainly shake up the notion of popular home interior trends
Luna Salada Salt Hotel

From ice cold rooms to refurbished planes, these four spaces are as unique as they are creative.

Stone home

Sandwiched between two boulders in the idyllic countryside of Portugal is this stone home. A concrete mix was used to join the space between the two rocks. It is topped with a shingle roof and doors and windows have been built in. This is a private home that isn’t open to the public.

727 Fuselage Home

A  vintage 1965 Boeing 727 airframe was refurbished to become a two-bedroom suite which juts out from the jungle canopy. The interior is fitted out in Costa Rican teak panelling.

(Credit: Hotel Costa Verde)

Luna Salada Salt Hotel

Imagine staying in a hotel made out of salt bricks; that’s what you get here at the Luna Salada Salt Hotel. Bordering the salt flats in Bolivia this hotel takes its inspiration from nature.

(Credit: Luna Salada Salt Hotel)


Pack all your warm gear as the Icehotel in Sweden is made entirely from – you guessed it – ice. Guests can stay in the rooms which are on average -5 degrees celsius. 


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