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From boutique to B&B

This Newcastle homewares boutique opened up its own Nordic-inspired B&B

The regional beachside city of Newcastle seems an unlikely spot for a Nordic-style summer cabin.

But when you consider the lineup of Nordic brands adorning the shelves at nearby brother boutique Pappa Sven, it makes perfect sense. The Newcastle store’s shelves are laden with brands such as Marimekko, Fjällräven, BjornBorg, LA Bruket, Normann Copenhagen, Hay Design, Kaunsite and many more, with new stock arriving weekly.

Pappa Sven, Newcastle
Pappa Sven, Newcastle

Nearby in Cooks Hill, the bijou B&B summer cabin is straight out of Sweden, with a painted black exterior and monochrome interior. The B&B, according to Pappa Sven owner Libby Helinski, has been a “long-time dream of providing unique short-term accommodation in our beautiful city, Newcastle, whilst sharing some of the great experiences and products we found while living in Sweden.”

One of those finds, a beautiful Normann Copenhagen light, presides over the second bedroom, which features Marimekko Unikko bedlinen. 

Pappa Sven, Newcastle

The monochrome colour palette extends to the kitchen and dining areas, which showcases a white and timber Nordic-style dining table and Marimekko tableware.


For more information, go to Pappa Sven

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