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Inside Kris and Kylie Jenner’s California homes

Never-before seen pictures of their stunning, newly decorated mansions
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Keeping up with the Kardashians is not easy. There’s always something on the boil with each – if not all – members of the celebrity family as they move through their lives of fashion, beauty, lifestyle and destination travel.

What’s rare, however, is the opportunity to take a peek inside Kylie Jenner’s home.

Whilst we see a lot of her out and about, it’s mostly selfies, beauty and gym shots and there are only ever brief glimpses of her at home with the Kardashians on the TV series.

Architectural Digest is this month sporting Kylie Jenner on the over – at home in Southern California’s Hidden Hills and you won’t be disappointed to learn that her interior style is as punchy, upmarket and luxe as her own personal style.

There’s so much to take in! Designed by none other than the colourful interior-designer-to-the-stars Martyn Bullard, the beautifully appointed rooms show a stunning look at the freshly-decorated interior, including in the lounge room, where Kylie is seen perched on a grey velvet ottoman, sporting an incredible Marc Jacobs dress (straight off the catwalk from the Ready to Wear Spring 2019 collection, in case you’re wondering – we were!).

Beside her is a pure white grand piano and the room is furnished in a glowing array of custom made, designer and eclectic elements, such as an acrylic boxed coffee table filled with textured gold.

Of the sumptuous interior design, Bullard says on his Instagram feed that it was, “One of the most fun homes I have ever worked on, full of Kylie’s fun loving energy and chic style.”

“Designing for someone so young yet with such style was a dream come true and I had such a great time making a home for her to welcome her baby and creating a sanctuary for her and her family to enjoy their home life to the fullest,” he continues, thanking Kylie for her love and support through the process.

Judging by Kylie’s own Instagram feed, she too is thrilled with the results:


We love seeing current interior decorating and design trends realised in a home where the budget stretches way beyond our own – in the living room large format stone on the fireplace, flanked by round layered mirrors and Kylie’s breathtaking swing which was, according to Kris, “hijacked from Kim and Kanye”. 

Ever the proud (and savvy) mother, Kris Jenner also shared images on her feed, showcasing Kylie’s incredible Hollywood-style pink “glam” dressing room and the more conventional but seriously beautiful living room, in which a contemporary glass-balustraded staircase sweeps upstairs past an incredible black leather sofa ensemble.

Kris and Kylie chat on their video Instagram feed about their favourite rooms in Kylie’s design style – her favourite room, what she likes, dislikes and how she lives and is creating memories in her home now – since decorating it to make it her own.

Kris Jenner is also featured at her breathtaking home in California’s Hidden Hills – her elegant style shining through in considered interior decoration that is at once pared back and extravagant. Along with images on her Instagram feed, Kris said the shoot was “so much fun” and an honour to be featured by Architectural Digest shared covers.

With a real estate portfolio the size of the Kardashian family combined, we imagine the sky might just be the limit for their interior design and decorating endeavours.


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