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Megan Gale’s home style

We catch up with actress and model Megan Gale to chat about what makes her house a home
Natalie Hunfalvay

We join international actress, model and “self-confessed candle junkie” Megan Gale to learn how she juggles work, travel and family and makes her house a home she loves to return to.

Tell us a little about your style – your influences, perhaps memories of beautiful homes you’ve spent time in. 

“I like to keep things pretty clean, minimal and classic in terms of style and colour. I’ve been lucky enough to spend time and shoot in some pretty incredible houses around the world with my job, so style inspiration has always been around me.”

megan gale

“When I travel I try and purchase things that won’t get damaged in transit.”

In decorating her home, Megan incorporates a mix of collected pieces – some solely aesthetic and those that are functional, but best loves to include items that evoke a memory or a positive emotion, such as “photos of my partner, son and my family in Perth. I hang on to the classic pieces and update my surroundings to suit the style with accessories such as cushions, throws, artwork etc.” 

At home, Megan cherishes the sense of being settled and grounded. “Being home gives you a lovely sense of security,” she says. “I’ve always felt equal parts gypsy and homebody which are two very different types of people. I think as I’ve gotten older and started a family I’ve become more of a homebody.”

megan gale
(Credit: Megan Gale)

“This chair (centre) from Coco Republic is one of my favourite furniture pieces in the house,” says Megan. “It’s great to curl up in and read a book. The combination of the cream leather and antique mirrored detail really appealed to me.”

One of her favourite homewares purchases, the candelabra (left) is from Fenton and Fenton in Melbourne and came in a much larger form as a chandelier, “which I’m kicking myself now that I never bought it!” says Megan.

Obsessed with candles and home fragrance, Megan spied this Ashley & Co diffuser (right) in a holiday house when recently in New Zealand and hunted it down in Wanaka. “The scents are unique and not too overpowering,” she says, “I was thrilled to have recently found them in Matt Blatt in Melbourne so I could restock.”

megan gale
(Credit: Megan Gale)

“Flowers really are a thing of beauty and are not only gorgeous to look at, but they elevate my mood.”

megan gale baby
(Credit: Megan Gale)

“I have collected quite a few pieces of art over the years and I’m starting to amass quite a cool little collection,” Megan enthuses. The newest addition was a gift from comedian and acclaimed artist Anh Do, who painted Megan for his show ‘Brush With Fame’.

“The painting has just arrived at my house and I’m yet to hang it, but I love it and it was such an honour to sit for him,” she says.

megan gale
LG Wallpaper TV is streamlined with no visible cables (Credit: Megan Gale)

“A home entertainment system has always been a must-have for me and my partner in our home,” says Megan, “and everyone that comes into our home just marvels at our LG Wallpaper TV. They can’t believe it’s real as it’s so amazing to see a television with no wires that appears to magically sit so flush on the wall.”

“The quality of the picture and exceptional sound makes the whole experience so much better. It’s great to watch our favourite shows and movies on it, but I also love the artwork feature and often have that up on screen during the day.”

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