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The Simpsons home gets a luxe makeover

The simple decor style has been synonymous with American suburbia since the show first aired in 1989.
living roomAngie's List

In over 600 episodes of The Simpsons, Marge and Homer have never considered renovating 742 Evergreen Terrace.

The show first aired in 1989, and we can tell.

Angie’s List worked with interior designer Pat McNulty to give the home a 2019 upgrade. 

The team also created digital renders of how the original animated rooms would look in the real world, providing seamless “before” and “after” shots to compare.





The living room was given a luxe makeover, and the results are incredible.


simpsons makeover
How the home looked after the makeover (Credit: Angie’s List)

Homer’s telephone table has been replaced by a drinks trolley for him to keep his Duff beer in.

Rounded furniture and brass also make an appearance throughout the entire room, from the new coffee table to the lamp.

Pat McNulty opted to keep the now-fashionable dusty rose-coloured walls.

However, the room is now crowned with an art-deco chandelier, and the battered leather couch has been replaced with a lavish blue velvet sofa.

How they achieved the look

Rounded furniture

rounded furniture
rounded furniture

Drinks trolley

drink trolley
Homer has to store his Duff somewhere. (Credit: Getty)

Statement rug

Solid color or geometric design

Brass and Smoked Glass

Velvet seating

Dusty rose and burnished gold

Art Deco influence

Marble, mirrors and glass.


living room
A recreation of The Simsons’ living room (Credit: Angie’s List)


living room
(Credit: Angie’s List)

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