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A peek inside Tan France’s Salt Lake City Home

The Queer Eye star finally snagged the house of his dreams

Queer Eye star Tan France had coveted the home he now lives in for seven years before eventually buying it. He had scoured the Salt Lake City neighbourhood for years hoping he would eventually be able to live there.

“I always told my husband, ‘I’m going to give you this house one day,’” Tan told Architectural Digest. “‘And I’m going to give you a life you could never have imagined.’”

Real estate is tight in this particular neighbourhood, with the majority of homes being passed from one generation down to the next. However, Tan was willing to wait decades for one to pop up on the market.

Seven years after he first fell in love with the home, it went on the market, just a few weeks after France had begun filming the first season of Queer Eye. He made an offer without even seeing inside the home.

“I had such a strong vision for it,” he says. “I said, ‘As long as it’s structurally sound, I’m going to turn it into our dream home.’”

Watch the video below for a tour of Tan’s beautifully designed home.

The 1906 property required a full renovation, which took the couple a year and involved updating the plumbing and rewiring the electricity. The end result is a 3000-square-foot home in a style France calls “modern-classic.”

The home was lovely restored with plenty of nods to its history, and is a place where the couple love to entertain. 

“I make a lot of Indian food and I bake constantly,” Tan says. “I like to think I make the best éclair a person will ever have.”

He and husband Rob travel a lot, and love to hit up vintage stores to pick up knick-knacks for their home.

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