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Amazing transformation: from run-down caravan to sleek office space

Such a gorgeous renovation

Want a home office but short on space? Watch the video below.

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A beautifully restored old vintage caravan has been given a new lease of life and now functions as a gorgeous mobile home office.

Rob and Rich from The Van Life Boys have renovated 10 caravans in the last three years, and their latest transformation is one of the most impressive yet.

“The Office Van cost $1000 to buy, and was a real mess,” Rob explains. “We spent about $6000 on renovating it and it took about three months working Saturdays.”

Rob is a freelance writer and Rich is a painter. “We renovate caravans on a Saturday for fun and it pays for our big man cave,” Rob explains.

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“We completely gutted the van and started from scratch. Relined most of it, laid a new floor and replaced all the windows,” Rob adds.

The caravan was painted inside and out and new furniture was installed.

“We’re big fans of Bunnings, Fantastic and Kmart. Most of the materials we use come from Bunnings – including kitchen cupboards.

“The futon was from Fantastic for around $400. Then we have a big Kmart shop for styling it. I also have a big collection of weird things from Op Shops – old letters and books.”

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The result is a stylish, streamlined space that’s perfect for the digital nomad, or for anyone who wants a little extra space to work from. The lovingly restored retro caravan also sleeps two and has a full kitchen. 

“You can park by the beach, open up the big picture window and sit at the spacious, solid wooden desk,” Rob says. “It’s the dream way of working – straight out of Instagram or Pinterest!”

The Office is currently for sale at $14,250. It comes with 12 months rego and tows very easily.

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“We like the idea of taking old things and giving them new life,” Rob says.

“I’ve made or restored lots of furniture for fun, and the vans progressed from there. We get the music on on a Saturday and have a chat as we work on stuff at the warehouse and have fun being creative.”

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