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You can now buy an entire flatpack house online

And build it yourself in 8 hours!

This tiny house is sweeping the internet and providing housing solutions all over the world.

If you’re tossing up whether it’s worth investing in a studio or Granny flat for your back yard, this might be the online find you’re looking for.

At just under 16m2 square metres in total – almost 8m2 undercover – this ‘cabin kit’ is compact enough to fit in the back yard and has the potential to solve space problems in a cramped household to create a self-contained home office or studio, guesthouse or teenage retreat – with all the space you need.

You can now buy an entire flatpack house online
(Credit: Amazon)

The cabin comes in its raw timber state so you can assemble as is for the natural look, or decorate to your heart’s desire. With an estimated assembly time of eight hours for two adults. the orientation can be flipped either way to catch (or avoid) the sun to suit your needs.

Amenities such as power, gas or plumbing will all need to be added by you.

Whilst not currently being shipped to Australia, the cabins certainly provide food for thought and prompt a renewed interest in the possibilities for our backyard.

Locally, companies such as InoutsideBackyardPods offer set designs, pre-fab and DIY kits to build your own pod with finishes of your choice, or SheShedz has a fabulous range too.

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