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33 jobs your kids can be doing around the home

Because we can all use a little help
Ryan Linnegar

Juggling the work life balance is one of the hardest things working parents have to negotiate and it’s important everyone in the home pitches in to do their share.

Teaching kids to contribute to the daily running of the household is an important part of their education as they grow up and having them take responsibility for even the smallest tasks can make a world of difference to your own day.

Regular jobs around the house can form the basis for the payment of pocket money too, which gives kids an added incentive to complete tasks week in, week out. The best way to establish the types of jobs is to start small, with simple tasks to establish a routine and help children to develop an understanding of their help.

33 jobs your kids can be doing around the home | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
Wiping the benches or drying lunch boxes after school is a good place to start. (Credit: Simon Whitbread)

One of the most important things is to have patience with your child. Both the time it takes them to complete tasks, and the results of their efforts may not be up to your standards but will improve over time.

Here’s a list of what your kids can help with – depending on their age. In each case you should be adding, not swapping jobs to their load, eg. a primary school child could continue to help feed your pet, as well as take them for a short walk close to home.

33 jobs your kids can be doing around the home | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
Simply taking clothes out of the dryer can be a big help. (Credit: Derek Swalwell)


As soon as kids know where toys and books are stored in the home, they can learn to return them to that place. Encourage little ones to pack away after each activity, before they move on to the next one.

Other little jobs:

  • Helping with washing – handing and collecting pegs and small laundry items as you hang out and bring in the washing
  • Stacking books in the reading corner
  • Helping feed the family pet
white kitchen butlers pantry with dog
Make feeding pets fun! (Credit: Nic Gossage)


Once they start school, children learn to take on jobs in the classroom and it’s a natural progression to follow this trend when they’re at home too – it’s all part of being a big kid!

Tasks they can help with:

  • Making their bed
  • Unpacking lunchbox and drink bottle at the end of the school day
  • Hanging/putting school bag in its place each afternoon
  • Help to set & clear the table
  • Put dishes in and help unpack the dishwasher
kids room desk vj panelling
Start by encouraging kids to take responsibility for their own space. (Credit: Ryan Linnegar)

Primary school age

  • Tidying their room
  • Packing and unpacking school bag
  • Taking out rubbish and recycling
  • Sweeping floor and outdoor deck/verandah
  • Helping hang out the washing – handing you items to hang/collecting items as they come off the line
  • Pairing socks together
  • Putting away folded clothes into their drawers
  • Squeegee floor in bathroom after their bath or shower
  • Refill toilet rolls and liquid soap
  • Water garden
  • Walk dog close to home
  • Run to the shop for milk or bread, if nearby
33 jobs your kids can be doing around the home | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
The job of vacuuming is both physical and rewarding for growing children. (Credit: Getty images)

High school age

This is the time to hone housekeeping skills and spend a little time with your child to teach techniques for a job you’re happy to hand over completely. Consider what your kids can achieve weekly and assign extra tasks as needed, which may attract bonus pocket money.

  • Making own lunches
  • Taking out rubbish and recycling
  • Hanging out and bringing in washing
  • Water garden
  • Vacuuming – assign one room at a time
  • Packing and emptying dishwasher
  • Hand washing and drying pots and pans
  • Outside sweeping/raking of leaves etc.
  • Mopping floors
  • Cleaning mirrors
  • Dusting
  • Small shopping lists

When they enter senior years at school is the time for your children to take more adult responsibilities such as washing and ironing their own uniforms, and cooking a simple family meal once a week.

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