The 7 best bottom mount fridges for a beautiful kitchen

The Home Beautiful team shares our picks, including modern satin beige and chic French-door options.
Photography: Sue Stubbs / Styling: Jessica Bellef

There are a few excellent reasons why you’d want a bottom-mount fridge. With the freezer section at the base, it means your usual daily go-to fridge essentials like milk, yoghurt, fruit and cheese are easily accessible right in front of you – no bending required.

Whether you’re making a bowl of cereal or prepping Stephanie Conley Buhre’s zucchini fritters to serve on a fabulous new dinnerware set, a bottom-mount fridge can help you do it all unruffled.

Bottom-mount fridges can also be easier to organise, with a little extra space and drawers to stack things into. So, no more opening a top freezer and having everything fall out on top of you while you’re getting ice to pop into your best cocktail glasses.

It’s personal preference, of course, but many people find that once you go bottom-mount fridge, you don’t go back.

Here are the best ones available now.


  1. Fisher & Paykel 494L ActiveSmart bottom mount fridge in Stainless Steel, $1989, Appliances Online (here’s why)
  2. Haier 496L bottom mount refrigerator in Black, $1399, Bing Lee (here’s why)
  3. LG 420L bottom mount fridge with door cooling in Stainless Steel, $1299, LG (here’s why)

The best bottom mount fridges 2024


Fisher & Paykel 494L ActiveSmart bottom mount fridge in Stainless Steel RF522BRPX6

$1989 (usually $2099), Appliances Online

Best for: Temperature control

This spacious Fisher & Paykel bottom-mount fridge is sleek, quiet and well-lit. Its spacious interior allows plenty of room for upright bottles, large platters and tall jars. The shelves are adjustable to suit your needs. The design includes four glass SpillSafe shelves to prevent leaks from spreading through your fridge. Two humidity-controlled crispers keep your fruit and vegetables fresh for longer, while ActiveSmart technology monitors temperature and airflow and adjusts accordingly for the longest-lasting food and best use of energy.

Key features:

  • 494 litres
  • Bottle chill rack
  • Two humidity-controlled crispers

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Haier 496L bottom mount refrigerator in Black HRF520BHC

$1399, Bing Lee

Best for: Stylish design

This contemporary design is a chic addition to any kitchen. The MyZone adjustable temperature drawer in the freezer lets you select between three temperature settings, so you can adjust to chilling beers or cooling seafood. A non-plumbed refillable water dispenser does away with the hassle of having to plumb in a pipe to feed the water dispenser.

Key features:

  • Multi-airflow for efficient cooling
  • Non-plumbed water dispenser
  • SuperFreeze function for fast freezing
  • MyZone adjustable temperature drawer

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LG 420L bottom mount fridge with door cooling in Stainless Steel

$1299, LG

Best for: Energy efficiency

This 420L fridge has surround cooling, which means it cools from both the front and back. It also has door-cooling technology, which keeps items stored in the door extra cool. Door cooling starts 15 seconds after the doors are closed. The LG Inverter Linear Compressor helps maintain fresh produce by reducing internal temperature fluctuations. Humidity levels are optimised for fruit and vegetables in the drawer. A two-step folding shelf allows you to store tall items when you need to.

Key features:

  • CHOICE Australia’s Best Fridge Brand 2022 & 2023
  • Door cooling for door items
  • 5-star energy rating

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Westinghouse 425L bottom mount refrigerator in White

$1149, The Good Guys

Best for: Family-friendly design

This crisp white fridge has 300 litres of fridge capacity and a 125-litre freezer. It has four adjustable spill-safe glass shelves to prevent leaks spreading throughout your fridge. The freezer features a twist ice and serve dispenser and easy-glide drawers. The LED lighting illuminates the interior brilliantly.

Key features:

  • 425 litres
  • Crisp white finish
  • Multi-flow air delivery system


Haier 489L French door refrigerator in Brushed Silver

$1448, Betta

Best for: Freezing food fast

This stylish brushed-silver fridge has French doors and a freezer at the base. The Multi-Zone Air function circulates cool air to maintain a stable temperature for lasting freshness. A My Zone adjustable temperature drawer lets you choose the temperature to suit whether you want to chill drinks or preserve seafood or meat.

Key features:

  • Super Freeze function to freeze food fast
  • Refillable water dispenser
  • Energy efficient

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339L Bespoke bottom mount refrigerator with door panels in Satin Beige

$2299, Samsung

Best for: Aesthetics

This minimal design in a modern satin beige makes this bottom-mount fridge a chic choice. The Power Cool function blows intensely cold air into the fridge so food and drinks chill quickly. The Power Freeze function blasts cold air into the freezer for firming up food fast and making more ice. There are big door shelves so you can easily store the largest sizes of milk and soft drinks. A wine rack allows you to neatly store wine so they don’t roll around and take up shelf space.

Key features:

  • Power Cool and Power Freeze functions
  • Wine rack
  • Wide door shelves


Samsung 424L bottom mount refrigerator in Silver

$1199, The Good Guys

Best for: Contemporary style

A spacious fridge to suit a large household, with non-plumbed water dispenser. It has smart features including triple foldable glass shelves and Smart Sensor System to adjust the temperature to keep food fresher for longer. The exterior is easy to keep clean with the EZ Clean Steel finish wipes. It comes with a two-year warranty.

Key features:

  • Refillable water dispenser
  • 424 litres
  • Two-year warranty

What does bottom-mounted fridge mean?

A bottom-mounted fridge is a refrigerator with the freezer located at the base. The freezer usually opens up then has a drawer that slides out for easy access. It’s popular for its ease of accessibility to the fresh food in the fridge section. A top-mounted fridge has the freezer compartment at the top and is appealing for different reasons, such as young children being better able to access the fridge section down the bottom.

What is the advantage of a bottom mount fridge?

The benefits of bottom-mount fridges are many. They give easier access to the fridge section as it’s conveniently at arm level. They’re said to be more energy-efficient as warm air rises and the freezer section at the base aids in keeping the fridge cool. The design is sleek and can be considered to be more modern-looking. The fridge section often has a larger capacity, too.

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