Butter dishes are back, didn’t you know?

Our edit of the prettiest ones out now.
Photography: Alana Landsberry / Styling: Nonci Nyoni

The unacquainted may be wondering, what is a butter dish and why do I need one? Well, it goes without saying that one of life’s simple pleasures is butter. Spread thick onto fresh bread or melting on toast, it’s a heavenly household staple.

So, it seems a shame to leave such a luxurious ingredient in the average paper or plastic it comes in. Putting it in a beautiful butter dish not only makes reaching for this everyday item an even more joyful experience, it also lifts the look and helps it suit your home’s style. 

We’ve rounded up our picks of the best butter dishes in Australia for 2023 below. 

But first, if you’re not sure whether your new butter holder should be kept on the bench or in the fridge, read on… 

What do you use a butter dish for?

While some cooler countries may be able to leave butter dishes out for longer periods, here in Australia it’s not recommended to leave butter out of the fridge for more than a day, whether it’s butter for a tasty apple crisp or for your daily brekky needs.

Even a butter crock, which is the French name for butter dish and refers to a version you add water to for extended freshness, is probably best kept in the fridge to stay on the safe side. So, enjoy your butter container purely for the aesthetic benefits.

Basically, butter dishes transform an otherwise ordinary product into a special one. They look lovely in the fridge for extended periods or can have their time to shine on the bench or table for several hours, giving ample time for softening.

butter dish
A classic round, white butter dish that suits this neutral space perfectly. (Credit: Photographer: Chris Warnes / Stylist: Imogene Abady)

What is a butter dish that keeps butter spreadable?

Butter dishes are designed so the lid sits snuggly, stopping air coming in. Apart from glass varieties, they’re usually made from ceramic or enamel materials that help keep your butter fresh for some time.

As we mentioned, it’s best not to leave butter out at room temperature for longer than a day, even in a butter dish. But it’s perfectly safe to retrieve your butter container from the fridge before guests arrive so it has time to soften. This makes it easier to spread your butter on something delicious like date scones when it comes time to tuck in. 

butter dish kitchen
The subdued butter dish blends seamlessly with this white kitchen. (Credit: Photographer: Chris Warnes / Stylist: Imogene Abady)

Best butter dishes Australia 2023

From pastel blue to pretty florals, here’s the Home Beautiful edit of butter dishes. Which one best suits your style?


Robert Gordon ‘Garden To Table’ butter dish in White, Myer

$15 (usually $39.95)

The raw look of this stoneware butter dish adds a natural touch to any space. Designed and made in Australia, the organic glaze on the lid and base makes it stand out as a special piece.

Portmeirion Botanic Garden Covered Butter Dish 18x12cm, $235, David Jones


Portmeirion Botanic Garden covered butter dish, David Jones


This fine earthenware butter dish is a thing of beauty. The design by Susan Williams-Ellis features daisies, cyclamens and rhododendrons, and is a British classic.


Maxwell & Williams Basics Diamonds butter dish in White, Myer

$11.97 (usually $19.95)

The textured diamond detail gives this butter dish a sophisticated feel similar to the effect of wallpaper. This pattern is part of a complete range including teapot, platters and tableware.

Ecology Clementine Butter Dish & Tray, $29.95, Ebay


Ecology Clementine butter dish & tray, Ebay


Designed in Australia by Heather Piez, this stoneware butter dish has a floral design in sage, peach and sunny yellow. You’d be instantly happy with this on your table.


Maxwell & Williams Epicurious butter dish in Black, Amazon

$11.95 (usually $19.95)

Combine a simple modern style with a monochrome palette and you can’t go wrong with this butter dish. It’s made from porcelain and would be so pretty among other natural shades on the table.


Porcelain rectangular butter dish with lid in White, Big W


A feature of Big W’s classic Ecology Abode range, this vintage-look butter dish is made from dishwasher-safe white porcelain and is roomy enough to pop in your supermarket butter container. Browse the entire collection, which includes a trio of benchtop canisters and get bonus points for nabbing the stylish compost bin.

Academy Hemingway Glass Butter Dish, $39.95, Temple & Webster


Hemingway glass butter dish, Temple & Webster

$34.95 (usually $35.96)

This classic glass butter dish is a delightful option that will never date. It’s a sturdy piece that will last the distance, seeing many a dinner party through in style.

Handmade marble french butter crock


Radicaln handmade marble French butter storage bell crock, Amazon


This French style of butter dish is a handmade butter crock that you put water in to seal it tight. The classic marble is chef’s kiss.

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