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8 new trends to try on your kitchen island

Take this practical space from zero to hero
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The kitchen island is one of the most popular features added to a kitchen during a new build or renovation. It can have multiple functions, from providing extra workspace to standing in for a dining table, but the best part about kitchen islands is that you can be a little bit more experimental with the colour palette and design.

“The kitchen island has, and will continue to be, a strong element in the contemporary kitchen,” says interior designer Jasmine McClelland. It’s a versatile and practical space that can cater to entertaining guests and helping the kids while they do their homework. It’s a real necessity to a contemporary kitchen space, and provides an opportunity to do some really interesting designs while simultaneously maximising storage.”

As a working interior designer, Jasmine has plenty of experience when it comes to identifying trends. Here, she outlines eight of her favourite kitchen island design trends and her take on them.

1. Black

“Black is still very much trending in kitchen island design. It looks fabulous on its own but equally compliments many colours and surfaces. It does mark easily, so make sure you choose the right finish.”

2. Colour

“For those who aren’t scared of colour, the strong, moody and muted colours are definitely trending. Greys and greens are still strong but are easy on the eye, and these colours can set the tone for your home.”

8 new trends to try on your kitchen island
(Credit: Three Birds)

3. Matt

“Matt finishes will be even more popular this year as clients are craving natural finishes that compliment timber grains and stone.”

4. Go Natural

“Natural colours and textures are also popular in kitchens this year. Clients are seeking calm in their crazy busy schedules, and nothing is as tactile and soothing to the eye as natural colours, materials and textures. Another idea is using timber as a feature on the back panel of the kitchen island to create a lovely textural element. It’s a great way to introduce those natural colours into your kitchen.”

5. Cut outs

“Side cuts outs to bench tops that create interesting shapes and patterns are gaining traction. Ensure that they complement the feel and style of the house.”

8 new trends to try on your kitchen island
(Credit: Shania Shegedyn)

6. Tiles

“Using tiles on the back panel to create a really solid, strong but beautiful effect on the kitchen island adds texture and creates a really interesting point of difference in the kitchen.” 

7. Lighting

“Feature lighting over island benches is still trending and it can really define your space. There is so much great lighting out there, but you need to choose one that complements the style of your home. And don’t forget to put the lights on a dimmer!”

8. Less is more

“In terms of style, minimalism is still king but will blend itself with the existing style of the house. I anticipate crossovers; for example in an industrial style home or a mid-century home with different design elements and choices. Clients want to conceal their clutter but showcase their style and character through really interesting and considered finishes, textures, colour, lighting, shelving space and decorative elements.”

8 new trends to try on your kitchen island
(Credit: Brigid Arnott)

This article originally appeared on Better Homes and Gardens.


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