Light Kitchen Ideas

Take a white kitchen from simple to stylish

Expert tips to try

To really enjoy a space, it has to feel comfortable, practical, and above all, beautiful – and every space, no matter how functional, can benefit from some simple styling.

Today, we’re exploring how to elevate a simple, white kitchen – albeit one with beautiful bones – into something a little more special. With the right accessories, your kitchen can become the star of the show.

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Before you begin, Home Beautiful editor Sarah Burman, advises that you clear your surfaces–give it a good clean! “Then, start with groupings, like a stack of cutting boards, or a group of canisters” she says.

Home Beautiful

When choosing these accessories, remember, you get what you pay for – investing in quality pieces will pay off in the long haul. We found many of the ones featured at Tara Dennis Store.

Research: Imogene Abady Presenter: Sarah Burman Styling: Drew Lewis

For more tips on styling your home check out the video below:

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