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This popular kitchen style is already dated

How you can revamp your kitchen on a budget.

The kitchen is one of the most expensive rooms of the house to renovate. In fact According to the Houzz & Home AU 2018 study the average cost to renovate a kitchen was $20,000 for a larger space and $12,000 for a smaller space – so you want to ensure your kitchen design has lasting style.

Although all-white everything has been a major staple in the interior design industry for a long time now, it seems the classic ‘blank canvas’ look is no longer doing it for design-savvy homeowners, and the all-white kitchen is fast falling by the wayside.

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Just as saturated jewel tones, bold hues and bright colours have started creeping back into interiors, bright colours and tactile textures have slunk back into kitchens, almost unnoticed.

The most popular kitchen designs these days have brightly coloured splash backs that make kitchens pop, bar stools upholstered in patterned fabrics and classic Scandinavian mainstays such as forest green walls, timber benches and deep neutral blues.

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Sound like a little too much colour for you? Never fear, for classic yet dramatic black is also making a reappearance in kitchens, and it looks amazing when paired with metallic or matte fixtures and tapware, or timber.

Still in love with your all-white kitchen? No worries, we have some style solutions that will keep your kitchen feeling contemporary, without a major facelift.

  • Add a little bit of nature to your all-white kitchen by way of blonde timber benchtops, bar stools or woven pendant lights
  • Add a little colour by colour-coordinating teat towels, tea and coffee cannisters and other kitchen necessities that sit within eye-sight on the bench.
  • Replace chrome handles or tapware with matte black alternatives to make the space feel more ‘industrial-chic’.
  • Add greenery with indoor plants or small window sill pots.
  • Art isn’t just for bedrooms and living rooms. Hang an art print in the kitchen to create a colour-filled focal point.

Want some more kitchen makeover advice? Watch the video below. 

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This article originally appeared on Better Homes and Gardens.

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