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3 simple, affordable ideas to get the Hamptons look in your kitchen

Bring this popular style into your home hub.
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Diving into Hamptons style can be daunting when you’re looking to decorate a space such as a kitchen, where many of your design decisions will literally be set in stone. Read on for our tips on where to start to get the look right from the beginning.

With the help of a clear design direction, working to any style becomes an easier process. A moodboard filled with collected images and ideas for paint colours, flooring, lighting and work surfaces is a great place to start and the more planning you put into the process, the more streamlined and economical that process becomes.

Start with a neutral base of crisp white walls but first, do your research and test, test, test with a selection of tones in different light and times of day. “My advice will always be to stick with neutral tones to get the Hampton’s look, but anyone who has painted their home will know the pain of finding a “white” colour – there are literally hundreds of variations that a first glance all look the same,” says Elaine Ellis, Hamptons aficionado and Managing Director of Hamptons furniture design and manufacturer Henry Oliver & Co. “Go with your instincts, you’ll find that naturally you’re drawn to certain shades and these will sit better with you in your home.”

Whilst there are many elements that come together to get the look right, these three essentials to the look can set you on the right path towards a Hamptons kitchen from the get-go.

1. Natural Stone Benchtops

“Natural stone benchtops are a must!” says Elaine. “A Hampton’s Kitchen will look opulent and the cabinetry tends to be quite detailed, so keeping your benchtops elegant & simple will help tie the whole look together.”

“Whether you choose the real thing or if you’re on a budget, choose a ‘stone look’ benchtop but either way keep it simple.”

Photographer: Sue Stubbs

2. Shaker Style Doors

The right style of cabinetry is key to the Hamptons look in the kitchen – a shaker-style profile with simple, square recessed panelling in cupboards nails the Hamptons look. For a little va va voom with a Hamptons vibe, “Opt for a rich dark navy on your cabinetry or even a different colour island bench to the main kitchen,” Elaine suggests. “Don’t forget there are also lots of little details like door handles, door profiles and even your pendant light over the bench that can all give you the wow factor.”

“Pair brass fixtures with deep navy for a dramatic look; think of brushed chrome fixtures for a more paired back, refined look and use natural wood accents and wainscoting for the ‘beach-side Hamptons’“, Elaine advises.

Photographer: Brigid Arnott

3. Statement pendant lights

In terms of lighting, a mixture of task and ambient lighting is essential. For a quintessential Hamptons look suspend a pair or trio of pendants over a generous island central in your layout. Steel-framed glass or full metallic styles work beautifully. Punctuate the space with lamps on stand-alone furniture items elsewhere within your kitchen area.

“Add pendant lights over the bench tops and think about under-counter strip lights.” Elaine

Photographer: Helen Ward

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