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5 creative, clever and cost-effective ways to use laminate

You’ll love these creative beach-inspired ideas
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Laminates are a dream kitchen material. As one of the most durable and hard-working kitchen finishes ever created, laminates are heat resistant up to 180 degrees Celsius, can withstand higher wearability such as scratching and marring compared to painted surfaces or natural woods, they are stain resistant, easy to clean and some are finger-print resistant!

And the latest designs are on-trend – with more textured looks, finishes, colours and grains than nature itself (ok, well a close second!). And the kitchen clincher? Laminates can cost a third of the price of timbers, marble, stone and other common kitchen materials.

Here, how to use the latest designs, colours and finishes to create a sea-breezy coastal theme kitchen

  1. Make a white wash statement with whites and neutrals

White sandy beaches, crashing waves and ocean sea spray … use the seaside’s finest natural colours as a backdrop in your beach-inspired kitchen. White, soft neutrals and greys are great to use as an overall colour (or as a supporting colour) in your seaside kitchen theme and, because laminates are highly durable, it makes sense to use them in high-use areas. Think benchtops and cabinetry. Choosing the right shade of white, neutrals or greys can literally transform your space. For example cool whites tend to create a fresh, open, light and breezy contemporary feel while warmer tones are just that – they feel warmer, softer, calmer and welcoming.

TIP: Whites and neutrals work as both a base colour to complement your kitchen theme, or as a contrast in your colour scheme.


  1. Plant some woodgrains

Sand dunes filled with scrub and vegetation … it’s the surfer’s/swimmer’s/sunbather’s trek to the pristine waters beyond for many Aussie coastal town dwellers. And, just like nature, planting woodgrain effect laminates in your kitchen will bring your space to life. Designed to complement flooring and furniture trends, woodgrain laminates resemble real timber in appearance, structure and texture, capturing the colours and fibre details of natural timbers. However, laminates are much more durable, hard-wearing, easy to clean and affordable than timber materials. And, they’re water resistant – unlike real timber materials. You can get authentic and realistic timber finished in a whole range of woodgrains. For coastal style, grey woodgrain like Fox Teakwood or a light warm tone woodgrain that resembles driftwood like Rural Oak works. You can refer to this article for coastal style.

Laminex Kitchen
  1. Use sands and minerals

Nothing beats that feeling of warm sand sifting between your toes! But do you want sand in your kitchen? Well, yes! Laminates come in a range of beautifully realistic neutral and mineral looks that resemble soft and fine grains of sand, and the natural veins, patterns, tones and aggregates that appears in marble, granite and quartz. Use these nature-inspired mineral decors for your benchtops to add texture and interest.


  1. Add your best voyager accent

Typically most kitchen colours are in one shade, while accent colours (used in small quantities or sparingly) are used to lift, bring harmony or add personality to your colour scheme. Metallic accent colours can also be used to complement tapware, sinks or appliances, or you can opt for contrasting colours that are bright and vibrant. Ocean blues from azure to turquoise and the sunshiny yellows work beautifully in beach inspired kitchen themes.     


  1. Mix up your finishes

Nature’s most beautiful wonders come in all kinds of textures and finishes, and so do laminates.  So mix it up like Mother Nature does! There are on-trend mattes, super mattes and high glosses perfect for benchtop surfaces, sandblasted effect finishes designed for cabinetry and low-wear surfaces, tactile and fingerprint-resistant surfaces, and even antibacterial protection laminates for benchtops. If you have little ones with sticky fingers, try on-trend AbsoluteMatte for your benchtops – it’s finger print resistant. Whatever your family and lifestyle needs, there’s a laminate finish perfect for you.

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