Small Kitchen Ideas

3 tiny things that make a big difference to your small kitchen

Rethink your stuff, not your space.
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If you’re struggling with space at home, doing a good declutter is always a great way to free up more space but have you considered downsizing your cookware and appliances to make more room?

Regaining usable bench space can often be a simple as rethinking how you’re currently using your surfaces on a daily basis. When space is tight, replacing some of your most-used items in the kitchen with smaller versions of themselves can free up your worktop.

Here are 3 everyday kitchen items to tackle first:

1. Tiny chopping board

We all love a great big roomy chopping board but if it’s taking up all the available bench space and leaving other items stacked around the corners, you’re not making the best use of limited space.

Downsizing to a smaller, quality version frees up space around your prep area, and takes up less real estate in the sink and storage spot when you’re finished.


small kitchen storage ideas
(Credit: Chris Warnes)

2. Tiny toaster

We think there are some seriously beautiful toasters on the market, but size isn’t everything. While we understand the attraction of a 4-slot wonder to save time each morning, choosing a model for its streamlined size will free up space on your benchtop. Opting for a 2-slot toaster with a smaller footprint may also allow you to pack the toaster away after use, meaning you’ll gain space for lunch and dinner meal prep.


small kitchen storage ideas
(Credit: Derek Swalwell)

3. Tiny frying pan

If you’re always juggling pans on the cooktop, a small frying pan will make your job easier. Frying eggs, omelettes or onions before adding them to a casserole is quicker and more efficient in a smaller pan as the heat is more concentrated over a smaller surface area.

A cast iron pan will give a smoky grill touch to your steaks and sausages too, so perhaps you can ditch your seldom-used BBQ too. Bonus points if you choose a cute pan to hang above your stove and do double duty as décor, freeing up even more cupboard space!


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