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Four new bathroom trends for 2020

An expert shares her predictions for the coming year

As we move into a new decade, a fresh wave of trends will enter the bathroom space for Australian homeowners looking to invest in the latest craze for their interior renovations.

From tranquil tones that promote a calming environment to the return of basin luxury, Brand Manager Emma Joyce at Victoria + Albert Baths’ has provided her thoughts on this year’s predictions and an insight into what’s in store for 2020.

1 Creating a calming environment

John Downs
(Credit: John Downs)

Now that homeowners are taking inspiration from boutique hotels and spas, including the ongoing adoption of the outdoor bathing trend, bathrooms are transforming into ‘living spaces’ for the home.

As part of this, bathrooms are taking shape as ‘calming environments’ in the design world, with many ditching angular and contemporary designs in favour of organic and smooth shapes for their space.

“Bathrooms are more than just a place of hygiene, with bathrooms now becoming a hub for relaxation and rejuvenation purposes,” Emma says. “This is a trend we’ll continue to see in 2020, with homeowners and hotel designers likely to invest in calming blue and green hues, smooth and organic surfaces to resonate with this theme.”

2. Bold, colourful statements

Appleleaf Interiors
(Credit: Appleleaf Interiors)

From bright orange tones to light blue hues, an increased demand for colour finishes in the past twelve months means we can anticipate a colour wave with bathroom products and designs in 2020.

“As homeowners start to feel bolder and braver in their designs, we anticipate a rise in colour finishes, with a particular interest for colours that evoke emotion,” Emma says.

“In saying this, the colour scheme doesn’t have to be dark and moody with black and monochrome tones, which is commonly seen in bathroom interiors. This years colour trends are rumoured to be muted blue and green tones, which are perfect for calming bathroom environments.”

3. Luxury basins and vanities

John Downs
(Credit: John Downs)

Australians are increasingly opting to downsize their home, and the brand recommends investing in more affordable, smaller furniture options or accessories for your bathroom interior – including basins or vanities, which are making a comeback.

“Basins are underrated within bathroom interiors, with many designers overlooking the impact a beautiful basin can have on a bathroom’s finish,” Emma says.

“Moving into the new year, we predict the interest in basins and vanities will rise, particularly with the assortment of options available to create a unique atmosphere.”

4. A rise in feature points

Lisa Cohen
Design: Alisa and Lysandra (Credit: Lisa Cohen)

Feature points allow you to think outside the box with your design, by using different patterns and funky accessories to achieve an alternative look to Australia’s standard bathroom design.

“Similar to what we’ve seen in previous years, creating a focal point within a bathroom, whether it’s a freestanding bath or alternative tile designs, continues to be a popular choice amid homeowners and hotel designers,” Emma says.

“Investing in a fresh design is very enticing and gives your bathroom a pop of personality, however we suggest being logical in your choice to ensure it’s a trend that will stand the test of time.”

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