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3 things you never knew about sound systems

Home Beautiful travelled to Denmark to explore the world of sound design

Home speakers have come a long way from when they were ugly big boxes we’d rather hide away – today, cool design, an edgy colourway and shape and, of course, quality are key to creating a sound system that adds style and function to our homes. We took a trip to Aarhus, Denmark, the home of speaker company Dynaudio to explore the world of speaker creation. Here are three things we learned about the future of sound.

  1. Manufacturing every part in-house has its benefits

Turns out, rather than bringing in bits and pieces from various manufacturers all over the world, a completely in-house manufactured model means no parts distort sound – so you get the most authentic music experience. When we explored Dynaudio’s factory, we also learned that the company was the first to make loudspeakers with furniture cabinets back in the 1980s.

Dynaudio Music range
(Credit: DYNAUDIO)
  1. Sometimes size actually matters

Compact, portable speakers are all the rage at the moment, but you can’t beat size for quality sound as the larger the quality speaker, the better the output. And let’s face it, quality comes at a little higher cost. Dynaudio’s latest portable (and super stylish) speakers Music 1 and 3, for example, start from $699 but the sound experience you’ll get is much better than comparably sized products. And they look good too. The Music range is covered in custom-designed cloth created by Danish textile house Gabriel (four colour choices to fit in with your home’s style) and comes in various sizes so you can take one on the road and have a larger one set-up in your lounge room.

  1. Your speaker may just be smarter than you

Who doesn’t love a smart gadget, one that adapts to your home and your personal preferences? Latest technology allows Dynaudio’s Music range to perform to its surroundings so its sound is at its best. This clever little number can adjust to noise, which means the volume goes up or down depending on how many people are in the room. It can also learn all about your taste, so it only plays what you love. And, of course, you can control everything from your phone – all you have to do is connect your speaker through wi-fi, Bluetooth or through your home network.

Home Beautiful travelled to Denmark as a guest of Dynaudio.  

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