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Could this be the ultimate IKEA hack?

This blogger bought a bargain Ikea sofa and dyed it millennial pink – and it looks AMAZING!

If you’re a fan of Palm Springs style, and even if you’re not, blogger Krys Melo’s world is hard to resist. Her Instagram and blog feeds are a veritable candy jar of sherbet bombs, with a generous dash of colourful umbrellas – both the beach and cocktail kind.

Looking for the perfect affordable couch, Krys hunted down a discounted KARLSTAD sofa in her local IKEA and bravely made ready to dye it into her favourite flamingo pink.

Millennial pink IKEA sofa hack | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
(Credit: IKEA)

It was no mean feat though – Krys took a wrong turn down candy lane and a complete redo with a homemade custom blended colour before she arrived at the Millennial shade she was after.

It’s all in the details… 

Not happy with a simple dye job, she further customized the sofa with tufted detail on the back cushions, studded with buttons covered in extra fabric. She also upgraded the legs by replacing them with a set from a department store which she painted white and sprayed the feet of in gold.

See the full story on Melodrama blog.


Know your style and stick to it – part of the success of Krys’s execution is that she consistently remains true to the Palm Beach style. This informed her decisions about the finer details.

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