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Forget your search for the perfect TV cabinet

This solution is more stylish than any entertainment unit on the market
Courtesy of Samsung

You’ve been looking for an entertainment unit for months now that will suit your living room design. This new product has answered your prayers.

Bringing TV and art together, Samsung have created The Frame. In one amazing innovation they have developed the product we’ve all been waiting for – the ability to have a large TV in the living room without it dominating the space.

The Frame is a wall mounted 4K UHD TV that also has an “Art Mode”, which comes to life when you turn your TV off to present art of your choosing, or your own selection of photos. It hangs flush to the wall in a stylish frame to look exactly like art – just like that great large print you just bought at IKEA, only better because you can program it to become the entertainment hub of your home.

The best way to wall mount a TV | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
What’s hiding in this room? (Credit: Courtesy of Samsung)

This means you can hang a television anywhere in your home, without it looking like a television. Watch your shows in the morning when you get ready for work or make school lunches, then switch it off and it swaps back to your favourite artwork or family photo.

The choice of customisable frames in Walnut, Beige Wood and White are an added extra but simple to apply and surely worth the cost to achieve the best possible “integrated” result. Also available is the option of “Samsung Collection”, an exclusive professionally-curated collection of 100 works of art from 37 renowned artists – photography, paintings, drawings and digital works.

Or, upload your family photos and choose matte layout options for displaying them – so you’ll also finally get the family album done!

The best way to wall mount a TV | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
Smart Art (Credit: Courtesy of Samsung)

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