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How to bring that cinema feel to your living room

Everything you need to know about creating a cinematic experience at home

Whether you want to turn a spare room into a cinema or want to bring that widescreen atmosphere to your living room, there are a few things to consider before installing a large screen TV.


Movie theatres have huge screens and while you may not be able to fit one of quite the same size into your living room, you can get one large enough to make a statement. Other than size you’ll also want to make sure you invest in good quality technology so you can enjoy your favourite movies in Ultra High Definition. The LG Signature OLED Wallpaper TV is our top pick for its design and functionality. The 65-inch screen is ideal for modern homes with a contemporary, sleek finish that is thinner than most picture frames. OLED TV screens show over a billion colours,, so images are as life-like as possible.


Now that your screen is sorted, the next thing to look at is sound. Surround sound will amplify everything you hear and really bring a movie scene to life. Luckily, the new SJ9 sound bar from LG already comes with state-of-the-art technology, namely Dolby Atmos®. Place the speaker in the centre of the room or under your screen so the sound comes at you from straight on, not from one side.


A deep sofa is perfect for rainy nights spent lounging around, watching movies, while a modular lounge is ideal for when you need to rearrange the space for guests. A low coffee table is also a great for resting drinks and bowls of popcorn. If you have a dedicated room, mix up the seating arrangement with a long, deep sofa and place comfy armchairs on either side or behind to accommodate extra guests.

Final touches

To really get that cinema feeling, you need to add the right details. Dimmable lights will help set the scene while long, think curtains in a dark colour will help block out any unwanted light. If you don’t have carpet, lay down a rug to help absorb noise.

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