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Room recipe: Hamptons living room

Channel the Hamptons for a luxurious coastal look
John Downs

This room is layered with relaxing blues and neutrals for a look that’s fresh and luminous.

What makes it work? How does it avoid straying into a cliched coastal look? Here’s our room recipe to show you how.


Cushions from Vintage Beach Shack

Cushions from Canvas+Sasson

‘Deep Sea’ artwork from Warranbrooke

Ribbed rug from Tribe Home

Sofa from Ikea


1. Begin with painting the walls in a fresh white, like Dulux Natural White. 

2. Ground the furniture with a large lattice weave rug in neutral tones. 

3. Opt for a traditional beige sofa with a chaise. 

4. Add a large armchair in aubergine.

6. Layer the sofa with blue and cream linen cushions in mixed patterns. 

7. Add interest with a round white coffee table with ornate details.

8. Brighten the room with an abstract print in a hue that picks up on the deepest blue in your cushions.

9. Toss a cream throw rug over the armchair. 

10. Inject the space with fresh greenery by placing a Strelitzia plant in the corner. 

12. Soften the space with a couple of stacked floor cushions, matching the hues on the sofa. 

Get the look

Cushions | Home Beautiful Australia

(left) Embossed palm cushion; (middle) Mauritius aqua cushion; (right) Braele cushion; all from Vintage Beach Shack. 

Click here for Hamptons-style bedroom room recipe. 

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