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This new Samsung TV will reinvent your viewing experience

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Whether you’re a news junkie, sports fanatic or just love sinking your teeth into a good home renovation series, the TV will play a starring role in your viewing experience. But for any aesthetically minded person, this black rectangular frame has often been an eyesore against their meticulously designed and curated spaces.

And for years interior designers and creative homeowners alike have contemplated ways to conceal their TVs. The good news? Samsung’s new ‘The Frame’ solves the problem – not only matching your home’s aesthetic but elevating it (and your viewing experience too).

Here’s why Samsung’s The Frame TV is the aesthetic masterpiece you didn’t know you needed.

The View

The Frame TV has everything you could expect from a Smart TV of its calibre – crystal clear resolution, premium sound, and of course, a larger display. But it’s also beautiful. Boasting clean-cut lines and a sleek design, perhaps the most impressive thing about it (for interior lovers anyway) is that it doesn’t even look like a TV – and that’s the whole point.

Artwork & Designer Credentials

Designed to double as décor, the Frame TV is true to its name and looks exactly like, well, a picture frame and can project over 1,600 paintings, photographs, and art pieces when not in use, giving your home that sophisticated edge many of us crave.

Designed to fit in with a modern open-plan room, The Frame TV looks like a piece of Art when not in use.

(Credit: Photography: National Product Review)

The Skinny

While no longer the big and bulky boxes they once were, even the thinnest television can be a distraction in any room, whether it’s on or off. But thanks to The Frame you don’t have to worry about your television stealing all the attention as it transforms into an ever-changing canvas, featuring still, life, patterns, and architecture.

Sensory Ideas

The television also features a brightness sensor that adjusts the image according to the amount of light in the room, ensuring the digitized version closely resembles that of the image. And like most fine art, the TV comes complete with a fine frame too. Encased in black, white, or wood veneer, the TV can also be customised with interchangeable frames so you can switch up the look and feel of your spaces in an instant – no overhaul necessary. Better yet, you can also match it with the ultra slim Soundbar to get the most out of your viewing experience.

Future Tech

As simple and stylish as the Frame is, it’s also packed with a slew of new tech features that will take your viewing experience to the next level. The display has Samsung’s QLED Quantum Dot Technology that offers bright colours and impressive contrasts. This is further enhanced by the Frame’s new Anti-Glare Matte Display which is designed to catch the light and scatter it across the display’s surface so that reflections on the screen are severely minimised.

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