7 ideas (and 7 items!) to recharge your workspace

Jump into the new year with gusto and a refreshed workspace
John Downs

The return to work need not drag you down. Start the year fresh and with renewed energy by giving your workspace a little love.

Take a long look at your workspace – whether it’s at home, in a workshop or creative space, corporate office or even your car! Here are seven easy ideas to keep it from becoming boring and forgotten – making it fresh and fabulous!

7 ideas to recharge your workspace

1. Give your workstation a wipe down

Use Isowipes, antibacterial wipes or a cloth sprayed with Isocol solution for a fresh start. Thoroughly clean your:

  • keyboard
  • headphones or earbuds
  • mouse
  • desk chair

2. Treat your desk plant to a good soak

In a tub of water for 24 hours for a hydration boost.

3. Clear away and recycle all unwanted clutter

Think, paperwork, mail and brochures, packaging, old reference material, dead plants and daggy coffee cups.

4. Clear under your desk

Banish anything dumped there during the year.

5. Go through your stationery

Sharpen and wipe clean your favourites. Discard any pens and highlighters that don’t work PLUS any stationery you haven’t used for over a year.

6. Give your water bottle, glass and mug a thorough clean

Fill your mug with boiling water and add a teaspoon of bleach. Let it sit for an hour or two to remove tea or coffee stains. Soak your water bottle in soapy water and boil up small parts in a saucepan for five minutes to disinfect.

7. Freshen up your supplies

Upcycle, or go shopping to give your workspace some new mojo.

7 items to recharge your workspace

1. Stretch it out

Don’t get stuck at your desk all day with bad posture and sedentary muscles. “Incorporating stretching into your day adds a little activity to your workday and helps to alleviate neck, back, and hip pain associated with sitting for prolonged periods of time,” says Kirsty Walsh of Yin Yoga.

Boujad Yoga Mat, $119, Yin Yoga.

7 ideas (and 7 items!) to recharge your workspace
(Credit: Yin Yoga)

2. Get organised

Invest in organisational tools to create the workspace you dream of. A dock for all of your electronics keeps them tidy and in good order. A place for everything and everything in its place.

Docking station for phone watch and headphone, $49.99, WoodYouBuy on Etsy

Docking station for phone watch and headphone - Fathers Day Gift For him Desk organiser Phone charging dock station Headphone stand

3. Breathe life into the room

We know plants are good for our health – they purify the air and feed our soul as we watch them grow and change – connecting us with the outside world. Caring for a living thing on your desk can generate a strong sense of satisfaction each day.

Liquorice All Sorts ceramic vessel in Galah, $75, Trade the Mark

7 ideas (and 7 items!) to recharge your workspace | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
(Credit: Trade The Mark)

4. Shut the world out

Listen to a podcast, whistle whilst you work along with your favourite motivational playlist or, sometimes you just need to block it all out and focus. 

Beats Solo 3 wireless headphones in Silver, $299, Officeworks

7 ideas (and 7 items!) to recharge your workspace | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
(Credit: Officeworks)

5. File and smile

Splurge on a fabulous organiser for all of your home office needs. Choose a statement piece that will blend beautifully with your other furnishings.

‘Penelope’ 5-drawer dresser in white and Oyster, $1499, west elm

Freshen up your workspace | Penelope 5 drawer dresser in white and oyster, west elm

6. BONUS* notemaker pen from our March issue of Home Beautiful magazine

A chic way to check off your to-do list, there are two styles to collect. On sale now.
*Only in selected outlets for $1 more. One pen per issue while stocks last.

Home Beautiful March issue - on sale now! Check off your to-do list in style with this BONUS* notemaker pen. There are two styles to collect. On sale now. *Only in selected outlets for $1 more. One pen per issue while stocks last.

7. Stimulate the senses

Designed to evoke memories of beautiful Australasian landscapes, set an inspiring scene in your workspace and imagine yourself in a far-off place.

Caramelised Walnut & Amber Fragranced Diffuser, $49.95, Ecoya

Caramelised Walnut & Amber Fragranced Diffuser $49.95
(Credit: Ecoya)


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