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Working from home during self-isolation has its challenges. It’s hard to focus on the task at hand when there are so many distractions, from cooking and cleaning to home schooling. So how does the queen of home organisation manage it all?

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The trick, according to Kondo, is creating a ritual.  

“That way, you’re transitioning from your personal home life to work,” she explains.

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She achieves this through scent. According to Domino, she “spritzes her home office with a dedicated fragrance—currently, her go-to is peppermint.”

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If you’re not keen on peppermint, choose an essential oil that works for you, like lavender, which is great for relaxation and has de-stressing properties.

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Marie’s second method is a little unusual. 

“I also ring my trusty tuner—that’s how I know it’s time to work,” she explains.

“I started using tuning forks as a way to center myself – their sonic vibrations have a subtle healing power that helps me to reset.”

You can learn how to use a tuning fork here

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Another Kon Marie tip? Get out of bed. It’s important to create a proper work space with a hard surface, even if that’s at your kitchen benchtop. That way, you get into the right mind-set to begin work.

And keep your work space relatively clear. In Spark Joy, Marie clears her mind by “discarding all unnecessary papers.”

“Arrange books and materials according to your own rules.”

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Her final tip? Consider adding a small plant to your work space.

“It’s important to add a playful touch precisely because it’s a work space”, she says.

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