Office habits of an interior designer

A creative's workspace and office must-haves
John Downs

Druce Davey is founder of Greener, a design studio that creates environmentally responsible and long-lasting interior spaces. The Greener office is located beneath Druce’s century-old worker’s cottage in inner Brisbane and is a study of calm.

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(Credit: John Downs)

What are your office must-haves?

“A good office needs good joinery, well-considered pieces to put things away to maintain order and a clutter-free working space and mind are also a must. I love drawers over cupboards for the extra storage capacity and access they create.”

On your wishlist?

“A hammock has been on my wishlist for ages, somewhere to hang out (literally!) as a welcome little escape from the work table. A place to daydream or do some meditating to get through the day and foster creative thought.”

Workspace | Home Beautiful Australia
(Credit: John Downs)

Any tips for running a greener office?

“I made the transition to a paperless office a couple of years back, retiring the copier and scanner and making everything digital. It removed a lot of ‘stuff’ and means I can work from anywhere, including the park or the beach.”

“Drawers work best to pack away plans and samples and all the other bits and bobs collected along the way”

Druce Davey, Interior designer

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