Revamp your home office, tropical style

This range of stylish office essentials turns your home office into a tropical oasis

Who says blue and green should never be seen? If you think you can’t incorporate a holiday into your home office setup, think again.

Home office essentials | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
The tropical Otto Palm range (Credit: Officeworks)

A little bit of denim goes a long way and we love the seriousness it brings to this range of home office essentials available at Officeworks.  We’re still enjoying the tropical trend and this is a great way to incorporate some lush foliage into your every day – textures and metallics all combining in a no-nonsense, stylish statement. We love.

Home office style inspiration | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
(Credit: Officeworks)

Criss Cross pen cup in Navy // Palm Pencil Case // Criss Cross A5 notebook in Navy

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