This IKEA hack is genius for storing your summer clothes

Claw back your wardrobe space
Nikole Ramsay

You know the feeling – you stand in front of your wardrobe shivering and wondering, “What do I wear in winter, anyway?!”

If your wardrobe and chest of drawers are so overflowing with clothes that you can’t see the jumpers for the jumpsuits, it’s time to take action and get your Marie Kondo on and IKEA has the best idea for hiding clothes you’re not wearing – right before your eyes!

Separating your clothes into seasons is the only way to get on top of wardrobe clutter and streamline the daily process of choosing an outfit. Now that winter has well-and-truly settled in, start by taking out your summer clothes from your drawers and hanging space and organising them in piles on your bed. But where to store all of your off-season clothes?

Keeping it simple by stacking into piles – t-shirts, dresses, swimsuits etc., try the genius idea from IKEA’s ‘Ideas’ page – instead of putting into blanket bags or boxes and filling your storage space, store them inside cushion covers and pop onto your bed or sofa!

IKEA hack for storing summer clothes
(Credit: IKEA)

Come summer, simply swap your winter clothes in and bring our your shorts and t-shirts – simple! And you cushions will receive a freshly plumped look filled with a new set of clothes.

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