Make your own: Salt and pepper shells

Add a bit of glamour to your home with this little DIY project
Melissa Heath

The perfect addition to your table arrangement. 


You will need:

Stencil brush

Gold leaf size (a quality adhesive used for gilding); we used Jo Sonja’s Tannin Sealer, $13.99, Riot Art & Craft

2 large flat shells

Cotton gloves

Gold leaf or imitation gold leaf; we used AFC Gold Leaf Composition, $11.99/25 sheets, Riot Art & Craft

Soft, dry paintbrush


How to:

1. Using a stencil brush, dab a 1mm-thick coat of gold leaf size inside shells. Leave for 20-30 minutes, or until it becomes tacky.

2. Wearing cotton gloves, place gold leaf sheets onto the tacky area and press down gently. Set aside for a few hours to allow to dry.

3. Using a soft, dry brush, gently brush away the loose leaf. Seal inside of shells with tannin sealer or a clear acrylic spray, such as White Knight Crystal Clear Acrylic and allow to dry.

Note: These shells should only be used to serve dry foods when properly sealed. Delicately wipe them clean after use.

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