4 ways to reduce the stress of moving house

Our moving house checklist to smooth the move
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Plan in advance and minimise the anxiety of moving house for everyone concerned.

One of the most stressful times of our lives is when we move house. Along with running your normal life there’s so much to pack, organise, get rid of and prepare for. There are things you can do however to try to minimise the impact on you and your family for a smoother process.

Follow our timeline of tips to try in the weeks before you move:

How to minimise the stress of moving house | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
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Three weeks ahead

1. Start packing things you don’t need every day and have the rest of your family do the same. This will begin the mental process for everyone and spread the physical load.

2. Hire or procure packing boxes, assemble a bunch and distribute to each room ready to put things into, such as:

  • Toys
  • Books & cookbooks
  • Off-season clothing and shoes
  • Ornaments and decorations
  • Glassware and platters
  • Manchester
  • Garage or shed tools, paint and projects

3. Book a removalist or van

If you’re moving yourself make sure you allow enough time to choose the best vehicle for the job. 

If you’re using a removalist, have them visit for a quote if necessary and shop around for the best price and service.

4. Pay all bills up to date and keep others in a central place to take with you and unpack first.

5. Arrange insurance for your new home and for the move if necessary.

Two weeks ahead

1. Prepare notes to helpers, school teachers, removalists and anyone else who needs advice of your plans with details of times, addresses and any changes to your normal day.

2. Discontinue delivery services of paper, groceries and the like.

How to minimise the stress of moving house | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
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One week ahead

1. Collect together important documents such as birth certificates, passports and any delicate items you’re worried will suffer in the move. Pack carefully in a box (or two) to be taken yourself in your own car. Label the box clearly as ‘fragile/important’.

2. Give all of your potted plants a good soaking under the shower or outside with the hose to ensure no drips or water-filled trays to travel with.

3. Do as many extra loads of washing as possible to catch up, including everyone’s bedlinen so they can be packed on moving day and used straight away in the new house.

4. Arrange for someone to take care of your pet on moving day.

5. Fill your car with petrol as close to moving day as possible.

On moving day 

1. Start early

2. Label everything

3. Take charge and give clear instructions to helpers

4. Put together a survival kit to take in your car with jug and mugs, medications, snacks, pet food and phone chargers. Start packing this first and label clearly.

5. Leave behind a list of contacts and a forwarding address for the new occupants

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