See inside Australia’s most organised home

All the inspiration you need for a spring clean out.

Carmen Strong is a stylist and home organiser with a knack for making tidying up look gorgeous. Located on the central coast in New South Wales, the mum has more than 22,000 followers on Instagram @littlestronghome, all of whom adore her aesthetically pleasing pictures on Instagram and genius organisation and storage ideas. We caught up with Carmen to talk all things organising.

Why did you start your Instagram account? 

“I started sharing our building journey about 9 months ago. I had so many friends and family ask to see regular photo updates and I thought I’d pop it all onto the socials and they could follow from there. It’s evolved into something I never thought it would be. I’m glad I can share my home and organisation with other people,” says Carmen.

Why do you love styling and organising so much?

“I guess it’s like a hobby for me, I do it on the side. Some people like to sit and watch Netflix or TV, and others – like me – we spend our time styling and organising. It’s refreshing and keeps things fun.”

What are your top tips for getting your home organised?

“Work on one room at a time, plan out the space before you begin, and start with your kitchen if you don’t know where to begin,” says Carmen.

“You don’t have to have a large space like mine to get organised. Work with the space you have and just start by pulling items all out and sorting, then placing it back in. I’ve organised even the smallest of spaces efficiently.” 

What are your top 5 favourite organization/storage products?

  1. Labels! I label everything!
  2. Containers (whether they be recycled or boxes)
  3. Small plastic tiered drawers. They help to organise miscellaneous drawers 
  4. Calendar for the family to stay on track of what we have on
  5. A diary or a note pad, to help yourself stay organised, motivated and set tangible goals for yourself. 

Want more tips on getting organised? Listen to The Daily Home Edit podcast below.

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