5 simple hacks to organise your wardrobe forever

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An expert’s guide to closet and wardrobe organisation products, wardrobe storage and how to arrange your wardrobe neatly.

If every time you open your wardrobe you’re either filled with despair or covered in a toppling pile of clothes, perhaps it’s time for a clothing declutter?

We asked declutter expert Jo Carmichael of All Sorted Out – who declutters homes in preparation for sale – to address some of the most challenging issues with clothes storage and wardrobe organisation. Here are her tips and tricks to creating a perfectly organised wardrobe you’ll be proud of – and how to keep it that way!

Simple hacks to organise your wardrobe
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Problem 1: Can’t find anything to wear

Solution: Stand your t-shirts vertically in a drawer

“We all have our favourite, well-worn t-shirts that we always reach for first but if they’re not on the top of the pile, we’ve already lost the battle,” says Jo. “Rummaging about in the middle of the stack leaves your t-shirts looking dishevelled and unkempt. Folding your t-shirts and standing them vertically in a drawer is a game-changer. Not only can you see old faithful immediately, you’ll be able to extract it without disturbing the rest of your tees,” she says.


Problem 2: How to store jumpers and hoodies

Solution: Roll them, don’t fold them

“Stacking jumpers works well if you have the perfect KonMari technique (fold your sweater vertically in the middle, fold the arms in and down, and then fold the sweater into thirds from the bottom up). However, if you have a lot of them, the piles can become messy and unmanageable,” says Jo. “A folding-rolling combo alleviates this problem. Simply fold the jumper in half and fold the arms in and down and instead of folding into thirds, roll the jumper up from the bottom.”

“After this, simply store your winter warmers next to each other in a drawer. Like the t-shirts, you can easily see all of your options at once and grab one without toppling the others,” Jo enthuses.

Simple hacks to organise your wardrobe
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Problem 3: How to store suit pants

Solution: Try this folding method

Jo Suggests the ‘Savile Row fold’ that lets you shake the hanger as hard as you please without your pants sliding off. “Hold your pants upside down beneath the hanger with one leg either side of it. Feed one leg through the hanger and let it drop so that it hangs just above the crotch. Then simply fold the second trouser leg over the first and let it drop on the other side. 


Problem 4: Socks everywhere with no pairs

Solution: Socks need folding not rolling

Jo is not a fan of rolling socks up into a ball, despite its time-honoured tradition passed from generation to generation. “Did you know that doing that destroys the elasticity of the sock and also makes for a fairly chaotic sock drawer?” she asks, instead suggesting simply laying your socks one on top of the other, folding them in half, (and then folding them in half again for longer socks). “This is a quick way to create a neat package that saves space and can once again, storing vertically for easy view and access,” says Jo.

“You can find organisers everywhere, from Ikea to your local two-dollar shop.”

Jo Carmichael, All Sorted Out

Problem 5: Underwear drawer like a mixed salad

Solution: Compartmentalise your unmentionables and other small items

“Organisers and dividers are key for your underwear drawer,” says Jo. “Creating different compartments for your boxers, briefs, lingerie, and bras will group similar sizes and shapes and make them easier to store together.”

“Try to follow the one-layer principle again: fold things and stand them vertically so that you can see everything at a glance,” Jo suggests, saying that organisers work well for your belts and ties as well. “Rather than hanging them randomly over various hangers, roll them and compartmentalise them.”




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