This way of folding clothes will give you more time AND space

Are you willing to change?

This tried and tested method of folding clothes will have your drawers in such order, you wont look back!

Marie Kondo believes that we should only keep items in our lives that “spark joy”. The best-selling author and cleaning consultant enjoys folding immensely and believes it is an important part of owning things – to nurture them and “thank them for their service” as you go.

Using the KonMari method of folding, items are folded into essentially rectangular shapes so they can be stored upright in a drawer, with the edges facing upwards similar to the spines of books lined up in a bookshelf – with all the untidy bits tucked inside. This takes up less space in your drawer and allows you to see everything clearly in front of you as soon as you open the drawer.

Watch this video to get the basics:

The method follows these basic steps:

1. lay the item out and smooth it flat

2. fold edges into the middle and fold unruly shapes into the centre of the item so they are tucked away and create a large rectangle shape

3. fold the rectangle carefully to form a smaller rectangle that can happily stand upright, presenting a smooth surface facing upwards in your drawer.


What we love about it is the uniform shapes you are left with that do indeed line up beautifully in your drawers.

Watch Kristen from The Together Act, do a whole load of family folding using this method, which she and her family have adopted, with great results.

The method also works particularly well when packing to travel – enabling you see all of your clothing at a glance in your suitcase and remove items as you need them, rather than digging for things and dislodging others in your search.

Finally, watch this quick video to learn how to fold an underwear and sock drawer perfectly, according to the KonMari method:

It looks most satisfying! Try it out and see if it does indeed change your life.


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