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An expert’s guide to growing a herb garden

It’s easy – and affordable – to grow your own produce
Cath Muscat

It’s easy – and affordable – to grow your own produce, ready to be picked and popped into all sorts of culinary masterpieces.

Grown your own herb garden | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
(Credit: Armelle Habib)

“Nothing compares to the freshness of homegrown herbs, and as you only pick what you need, there’s no waste”

Sharon Pfueller, Vice-president, Sustainable Gardening Australia

The right location is key when plotting your patch. “You want it to be easily accessible, so outside the back door is ideal, yet I also needs to be suitably sunny,” says gardener Sophie Thomson of Sophie’s Patch. Mediterranean herbs with small, tough leaves, such as sage and oregano, need at least six hours of direct sun a day and tolerate drought.

“Herbs with large, delicate leaves, such as mint, parsley and coriander, prefer moist soil in partial shade with at least 3-6 hours of direct sun,” says garden designer Justin Night of Regenerative Designs Australia.

Well-drained, nutrient-rich soil is vital. Rosemary is very hardy, while oregano is robust and suitable for ground cover or in a pot.


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