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Flower crush: in praise of the dahlia

The blousey, old-fashioned bloom that’s winning hearts all over Instagram
Catrina Farrell on Unsplash

Dahlias are the darling of the floristry scene right now and we’re nuts for the way this big-headed beauty dominates a bunch – for all the right reasons.

We love a dahlia because… well, they’re cheerful! Old fashioned softness combines with a star burst of row-upon-row angular geometry to produce the best of Mother Nature’s creativity. Oh, and it comes in pink.


According to the language of flowers, Dahlia stands for dignity and staying graceful under pressure, especially in challenging situations.  Notwithstanding the high profile life that comes with being the national flower of Mexico, it is just as happy strapped to a stake in your neighbour’s front garden as it is in a blushing bridal bouquet. 

Simple blooms in cheerful colours…

A focal sensation in a seriously elegant bridal bunch…

Straight from a Sydney market garden…

Drama, drama, drama, in the arms of a florist…

Making a comeback, according to Sydney florist Holly Hipwell from The Flowerdrum

A dahlia is like your fun best friend – they bring us down to earth and always make everything better.

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