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5 ways to keep your lawn alive in a drought

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We all love a fresh, green lawn in summer. However drought and water restrictions have a severe impact on the garden. 

Jenny Zadro is Market Development Manager for Turf Australia and has these tips to share to help you keep your lawn fresh and green during dry spells.

1. Don’t waste a drop
Place a bucket in the shower or use your bath water for the lawn – an average bath holds 80 litres of water and the average 3-minute shower uses 45 litres!

2. Get savvy with your grey water
Divert your rinse cycle laundry water into the garden instead of using the hose to water the lawn.

3. Consider a wetting agent
Use a wetting agent such as water crystals. Found in most hardware stores and nurseries, water crystals help retain moisture and slowly release water deep into the lawn’s soil.

4. Mow regularly and at the right height
Aim to mow your lawn at least every two weeks to keep it growing well in summer. In a drought it’s a good idea to raise the height – longer grass and a thatch layer can help insulate the soil against heavy water loss from evaporation. Try to avoid mowing on extremely hot days.

5. Timing is everything
Water your lawn (with excess water) early in the morning or late in the afternoon as your lawn will have more chance to soak up the water before it evaporates in the heat of the day.

Final tip: For the lawn experts, establish a deep root system. This will help the roots stay moist during high temperatures as they can access the water deep in the soil.

The way to do this is to water the lawn less often, and water deeply. At each water, give your lawn a little more of your time to ensure the water is nice and deep, which helps the roots grow deeper.

For more lawn care tips or to find your local turf supplier, visit lawnspiration.com.au

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